The logo is every brand’s identification. Well designed, it will reflect its most important qualities and enhance its market position. The most outstanding examples of corporate branding were displayed at the Second Polish Exhibition of Graphic Marks. The logo and mock-up presenting the visual identification of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand became a part of the exposition.

The graphic mark plays a considerable role in each brand’s communication. In its minimalist form, it conveys a lot of information and values, expresses emotions and identity, and every minutest detail carries meaning. This is also true for the logo of WIŚNIOWSKI, which decided to reposition the brand in the customers’ minds through its graphic mark in 2012. The initials of the company’s owner, Andrzej Wiśniowski, used in the previous logo were combined to form a crown. A crown which is to signify the high quality of the brand’s products and its position in the market. The steely colour of the signet reflects durability and the lines forming a pattern similar to that of the border marker express safety and security imprinted in the company’s ideology. The whole is complemented by the claim – Crowning Your Investment.

Experts from the graphic design industry called WIŚNIOWSKI’s rebranding a model visual transformation at a European level, well thought out and refined in every detail. A model which can surely join the rich output of Polish graphic designers.
All of this output, dating from the post-war years onwards, was presented during the Second Polish Exhibition of Graphic Marks, which toured Poland and other countries for over a year, visiting Berlin and Bratislava, among others. Visitors had the chance to see over 300 marks in use between 1945 and 1969 and in the contemporary times. Among them was the logo of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand, which was changed after 23 years of the company’s operation.

“Polish enterprises learned to make good use of the tool that the logo is and realised that it also lets the brand develop. The graphic mark reflects the company’s characteristics and its market position. It is both difficult and interesting to include the entire personality of the brand in one small symbol. A well-designed mark will not age for at least 20 years. This is exactly where its power lies,” says Adam Lis, Creative Director at Papajastudio, which was responsible for creating WIŚNIOWSKI’s visual identification and the current graphic design of its logo.

He admits that the new visual concept required a precise analysis of the communication problems of the points of sale. “We wanted to introduce order, create a concept of simple, consistent, and clear messages, remembering that less is more. This principle always works and global brands understand it very well,” adds Adam Lis.
For the purposes of the exhibition, Papajastudio prepared a mock-up presenting the full visual identification of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand after the transformation it underwent in 2012. The mock-up was one of the broadly analysed virtual identification projects, accompanying other Polish brands, such as PZU and Wirtualna Polska. The display case presented the essence of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand, the whole idea for the brand, and showed how it functions in the public space.

After the end of the exhibition, the mock-up became part of the permanent exposition at the seat of the WIŚNIOWSKI company.

By: Justyna Kowalczyk