A modern interactive educational path shows children the arcana of firefighters’ work, but above all teaches them what to do and how to behave at home and in a forest, so that firefighters’ help is needed as rarely as possible. Preventive education in fire safety takes place through interactive activities, games, and tasks to perform.

The educational offer is addressed to children in the second grade of primary school and older, but adults can also gain a lot of knowledge from a visit to the Chorzów Fire Education Centre. There is no doubt that even though the topic of the educational path is serious, the best thing about the investment is effective learning through play or rather the total engagement of the participants in the presented situations. Realistic simulations of forest fires or apartments destroyed by fire have an immense influence on the viewers’ imagination, leaving the image of the potential results of nonchalantly throwing away a cigarette butt or leaving the iron on imprinted in their memories.
The educational path ends with a visit to a realistic fire station, where the little guests can turn into real firefighters for a while. They have a chance to meet the challenges of the firefighters’ daily work in full uniform, beginning with sliding down the fireman’s pole through to driving a fire engine simulator. Visiting the centre, you can learn what is most important not only about fires, but also other situations which require an intervention of the fire brigade, including construction disasters and the dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning.
The Chorzów Fire Education Centre is the most modern facility of this type in Poland. Many institutions and companies contributed to its foundation, including the Polish manufacturer of gates and fences, the WIŚNIOWSKI company. “Supporting this initiative was obvious considering the issue of safety it raises, which has always been important to us, but also on account of the innovative nature of the project. The creativity of the authors of the educational path is admirable and we are proud that we could be a part of it. After all, safety is priceless,” said Katarzyna Świderska, Marketing Director at WIŚNIOWSKI.
The Fire Education Centre in Chorzów has the potential to really limit the risk of hazards through prevention. The knowledge passed on to children cannot be measured, but we should surely hope that it will result in responsibility and prudence also in their adult life.

By: Marta Pronobis, Photograph by: Kamil Ochab