On 3-4 October 2017, the “Business and Manufacturing” conference, the 4th Forum of the users of ASTOR’s solutions was held at the Heron Hotel by Lake Rożnów. The event was organised by the ASTOR company and hosted by WIŚNIOWSKI.

The conference was an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience for leaders of innovation at manufacturing companies: executives, directors, and managers, whose aim is to increase the efficiency of their enterprises with the use of state-of-the-art automation, IT, and robotisation technologies. Among other things, conference participants found out how innovation leaders carried out operational efficiency enhancement projects.

Purpose of the conference

Polish companies, operating both as part of international corporations and Polish manufacturer groups, carry out advanced projects and implement state-of-the-art management standards, often in a better and more effective way than similar enterprises in other European countries. It is therefore worth enhancing the competence of the Polish technical and managerial personnel of manufacturing companies, so that our country can become the European productivity capital in the near future.
This is, among others, where the idea to organise the “Business and Manufacturing” conference – a place for sharing success, exchanging experience, and motivation for the best manufacturing companies in Poland – originated.


During the conference, issues related to the idea of a customer-centric plant were discussed. The idea is implemented, among others, based on the Industry 4.0 concept, which assumes the use of technical solutions such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), big data analytics, and cloud computing in manufacturing plants. From the strategic point of view, it means the use of technological innovations to effectively implement and maintain modern business models.
While it is easy to find companies which invest in automation, it is a much bigger challenge, and at the same time an opportunity, to build a customer-centric plant with a long-term development potential based on the ability to create and meet the needs of product users by implementing effective processes within the plant.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, the idea of a customer-centric plant is perfectly in line with the philosophy of the WIŚNIOWSKI company, which not only follows the latest trends, but often sets them itself and for nearly 30 years now, it has strived to provide comfort and safety for homes and enterprises all over Europe.

By: Editorial Team