Awareness of customer needs, attention to detail, and novel approach to manufacturing – these are the main themes of the new TV ad campaign launched by WIŚNIOWSKI and already in broadcast. The campaign is to introduce the company to potential customers, while reinforcing the brand awareness and the company’s market position.

Two commercials featuring the WIŚNIOWSKI brand were broadcast by the most popular TV networks in April. The two ads included a 30 second long spot and a sponsor’s banner, displayed after selected programs.
The spots focus on the ideas that WIŚNIOWSKI follows in the production of doors, gates and fences: attention to detail and its designs created with users in mind.
“Our ad specifically focuses on the precision of workmanship, in every detail, the quality, and the convenience our products deliver. The doors, gates and fences from WIŚNIOWSKI are the crowning of every investment”, says Katarzyna Świderska, Marketing Director at WIŚNIOWSKI.
The spot is also available on the official Youtube channel of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand.