WIŚNIOWSKI has organized its own fashion show for refined feminine apparel. Not every company operating in the construction market is able to come up with such an extravagant idea. What do gates and fences have in common with haute couture? As it turned out, quite a lot, and the entire event was extremely well received.

Every driver on 8th March 2013 who was driving along national road no. 75 near Nowy Sącz had the opportunity to witness a remarkable event. To their surprise, they could see though was a steel and glass tunnel being hung over the road, connecting the buildings of WIŚNIOWSKI, not by employees of the company but … beautiful models.


Design in the service of fashion

One of the greatest fashion designers, Karl Lagerfeld, in an interview for “InStyle” magazine said, in his characteristic, laconic style, that fashion lives and breathes change. Creativity, understood as a constant search for perfection, creating new and surprising forms, the ability to find interesting solutions, is a great value which a young, talented designer, Anna Wiśniowska, the daughter of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand owner, possesses. The inspiration to create the 11 remarkable outfits were elements and materials used every day to manufacture gates and fences. The effect was inspiring. An admirable combination of metal, geometrically shaped elements with contrastive fabrics, a uniquely cut felt and ethereal tulle proved the thesis of Karl Lagerfeld to be true. Creativity and good design are often a product of unprecedented and adventurous combinations. The designer, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, says: “All the dresses were designed in a slapdash way, on one A4 sheet of paper. The process of creating them, softening the metal edges and safeguarding it with fabric turned out to be more time-consuming.”

(…) the whole event connected the products offered by WIŚNIOWSKI in a remarkable and original way, that is top design, beauty and art.


A remote control on the catwalk

An additional element used to connect all the outfits was jewellery. For this purpose the designer used… 4GO remote controls for gates, designed and produced by WIŚNIOWSKI. How did you come up with such a unique application for the remote controls intended for gates? “The collection of 4GO remote controls is a turn to the feminine sense of aesthetics. They are distinguished by refined colours and modern design with full functionality of the item,” says Katarzyna Świderska, Director of the Marketing Department at WIŚNIOWSKI. “It’s a designer product, very colourful and that is why I tried to tone its radiant character with steel, black and grey colours,” Anna Wiśniowska adds. It is true that each of the 11 colour versions of the 4GO remote control is beautifully designed. It is also worth underlining that cutting-edge modern technological solutions, such as the inbuilt transmitter based on the KeeLoq system by Microchip Technology, were employed during its construction. This transmitter can dynamically change access codes, which with as many as 268 million combinations, practically prevents the breaking of the code.
Also many stars were present at the event. Our guests could meet the singer Sasha Strunin, Wojciech Witczak, the CEO of the Fashion Designers Group, a former footballer and member of the Polish national team, Piotr Świerczewski, and many others. The event was hosted by TV presenter and journalist, Marcin Prokop, while a well-known stylist, Dorota Williams, assisted the owner of the company, Andrzej Wiśniowski, in awarding distinctions to the compay’s business partners.
As you can see the whole event connected the products offered by WIŚNIOWSKI in a remarkable and original way, that is top design, beauty and art. This type of project sets new directions in the art of building image, and WIŚNIOWSKI is the leader both in this field and in many others, as we have witnessed many times before.

Text: Michał Durbas