For every architect and designer, time is of paramount importance, just like the quality and the level of detail of the project. Taking this into consideration, WIŚNIOWSKI developed BIM models which simplify and expedite working on architectural projects.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most important aspects of planning and execution of building projects. It allows specialists from various fields to create a detailed, accurate, three-dimensional model of the project. WIŚNIOWSKI incorporated this technology to emphasize its close cooperation with architects and designers.
Our BIM files contain up-to-date data on our product range for the industry in the most popular formats: rfa (Revit), lcf (ArchiCAD). The resource library for architects and designers is constantly growing.
Our BIM files allow designers to create three-dimensional, realistic building models using WIŚNIOWSKI products. The product data available in the software is easy to use, intuitive and, consequently, more useful in the daily work of an architect.
The key element of this technology is that all the relevant product data is contained in the model (dimensions, swing direction, method of opening, and, most importantly, the minimum space required to properly install and operate the product) and complemented by additional information (colour, custom options) which is important for the project team.

By: Marta Pronobis