WIŚNIOWSKI constantly maintains its leading position in the garage gate, door and fencing market. The awards received by the company every year are a confirmation of brand awareness and the high quality solutions. Let’s take a look at the most significant awards from the past two years.

The operation of WIŚNIOWSKI is appreciated by industry experts, customers and professional contractors. Each award is a crowning of the work of the entire team and a confirmation that WIŚNIOWSKI creates products meeting the highest quality and safety standards, providing ease of use and a high level of design. The past two years have been especially abundant in awards, strengthening the position of WIŚNIOWSKI as the market leader.


Undoubtedly, the most important award won in the past two years is the title of the Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 granted to Andrzej Wiśniowski in the prestigious international EY Entrepreneur of the Year contest. Andrzej Wiśniowski won the 11th edition of the contest, selected by an independent jury led by an economist, Jan Krzysztof Bielecki. Andrzej Wiśniowski was awarded “in recognition of 20 years of setting trends in the gate and fencing market in Poland and abroad”. The jury also awarded WIŚNIOWSKI in the production category – “for consistent building of an enterprise offering world-class product and for successful competition against foreign manufacturers of entry and garage gates, industrial fencing as well as doors and windows, etc, in the challenging markets of Germany, France and the UK.”
Andrzej Wiśniowski, as the winner of the national stage, represented Poland during the international finals of the World Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in Monte Carlo. In the finals of the contest he was chosen from a group of the best 50 entrepreneurs from all over the world. During the awarding ceremony in Monte Carlo the owner of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand was included in the Hall of Fame of international entrepreneurship. The presence of Andrzej Wiśniowski among the finalists is not only a great prestige but also a confirmation of the visionary character, resourcefulness and unique set of managerial skills of the owner of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand.



Andrzej Wiśniowski has been distinguished twice with the Eagle of Polish Joinery in the category: Personality of the Year for Construction Joinery (in 2014 and 2015); the awards in the last edition of the contest being awarded during 6th Congress of the Polish Joinery, which is perceived as the most important event in the sector. First, the candidates were selected by Internet users. The final decision was at the discretion of the participants of 6th Congress of the Polish Joinery during a secret ballot. The title of the Eagle of Polish Joinery, won twice, is a sign of appreciation of the candidate’s work. The eagle is a symbol of victory and glory. The image of this magnificent creature, associated with Polishness, is a sign of the highest appreciation of a Polish company’s merits and personalities of the construction joinery sector.



The last two years have also been associated with awards for the entire company, recognizing the entirety of the production and the social activities it runs. In 2013 WIŚNIOWSKI was awarded the prestigious title of “Pillar of the Polish Economy 2012”. Pillars of the Polish Economy is a ranking created by the “Puls Biznesu” magazine and the Millward Brown SMG/KRC research institute. It aims to distinguish companies and local politicians from particular voivodships. The winners are selected by local government representatives, who by observing the development of enterprises and local government in their region indicate entities worthy of honouring. Winning the Pillar of the Polish Economy title by WIŚNIOWSKI is a confirmation of the right direction of activities being taken to help the local community. WIŚNIOWSKI employs over 1300 people, and is one of the largest employers in the region. It creates new jobs and takes care of the professional improvement of their employees. For years it has been supporting local cultural initiatives and actively participating in sports and charity events.



2014 and 2015 were especially abundant in awards, recognizing the value of WIŚNIOWSKI. In 2014 WIŚNIOWSKI won three awards, confirming its position as market leader: Construction Brand of the Year 2014 in the category: garage doors, the Leader of Joinery Market 2014 and the WIKTORIA Quality Certificate for Entrepreneurs.
Moreover, in 2015 the company received the title of Gold Champion of the Year 2015 in the category of construction materials and the title of Golden Construction Brand of the Year 2015 in the category of construction materials for garage doors.
The title of Construction Brand of the Year is awarded by the ASM Centrum Badań i Analiz Rynku Sp. z o.o. research centre on the basis of the results of a nationwide personal survey researching the preferences of construction experts. This forms the base to select those companies which are especially popular, enjoy prestige and the greatest trust of professionals in a given sector of the market.



Every year some of the WIŚNIOWSKI products also receive awards. Last year, during the 2014 Budma International Construction and Architecture Fair, our Connect up and over doors was given a prize. This prize is granted to innovative, high quality products, and is a prestigious and valuable distinction, recognized in the Polish market. The prize is selected by a group of renowned specialists representing various fields of the construction industry. The products awarded with Golden Medals are an inspiration for the entire sector – they provide a guarantee of the highest quality and innovative character for professionals. During the same fair, WIŚNIOWSKI was distinguished for the best stall in the Acanthus Aureulus contest, which awards the best architectonic and graphic solutions facilitating direct communication with the customer and emphasizing the positive image of the company.



The second, also very important award for the company, is the title of Leader in the Joinery Market 2014, in the category of garage doors. The award is granted on the basis of research conducted by the Centre for Sector Analyses. This research takes into consideration, among other things, sales income, brand awareness, quality of products and customer service. One can say that it’s an award indirectly given by the customers themselves. What makes it even more important is that WIŚNIOWSKI has now won the Leader in Joinery Market award three times in a row. This means that it is perceived by customers as a synonym of the best quality and reliability.




In 2014, the WIŚNIOWSKI’s Home Inclusive collection of gates, doors and fencing was also acclaimed. It was honoured by experts of the Institute of Industrial Design with the title: “Good Design of the Year 2014” in the HOME category. Good Design is a contest intended to find the best designed products and services in the Polish market. Entities invited to participate in the contest are manufacturers, distributors, service providers and design studios whose products and services were recommended by the institute’s experts as meeting the market requirements. It’s a great distinction because Good Design awards are given only to the best, where the awarded products fit the market needs perfectly.



Publication: Justyna Sobolak