Fairs are seen to be one of the most effective forms of marketing activities. Despite the fact that their role is changing they are undoubtedly essential. Once they were valued for the possibility to present one’s products and obtain new customers. Nowadays, vendors present their market position, set new trends and try to outdo each other in showing technological innovations. This is why fairs are a must not only for companies who concentrate on their development but also for those who wish to maintain their high position in the market.

For WIŚNIOWSKI fairs are one of key events of the year and a coronation of the works and promotional activities. Andrzej Wiśniowski mentioned participation in the Poznań BUDMA fair as one of key events which allowed the company to be present in the domestic market. Another breakthrough was commencement of sales in foreign markets. And this is when fairs come min useful, in the process of expanding into new markets.
The rebranding campaign, conducted in 2012, became an opportunity to expand and show our products during fairs all over Europe. The entire corporate identity was changed, starting from the logo, the colours of the company and the display elements. The last stage was a full-scale advertising campaign. Under a changed brand WIŚNIOWSKI made its debut at international fairs. The success of that debut is confirmed by the fact that WIŚNIOWSKI assesses its potential for exports very highly; the company set a goal of reaching a 70:30 split of sales, that is 70% for exports and 30% for domestic sales. One of the basic activities to support expansion into new markets are fairs – as they gather leading representatives of the sector. It is worth showing up and being your best self, because the stakes are high.

Let’s take a look at selected international fairs that WIŚNIOWSKI attended in the past years.

BAU Fairs
Munich, 2013

International meeting of architects and manufacturers of construction materials. The first presentation of the company in foreign territory after its rebranding.


IBF Fairs
Brno, 2013

One of the biggest events in the construction industry in Central and Eastern Europe.


Made Expo
Milan, 2013

An exceptional event being the response to the needs of the modern-day world market of constructors, designers, architects, contractors, investors and end users.


Paris, 2013 and 2015

Prestigious Paris fairs; their main theme was sustainable construction with numerous presentations of manufacturers on the topic and workshops on energy-efficient buildings. Great emphasis was put on the technological dimension of the construction industry.


Perimeter Protection
Nuremberg, 2014

An important meeting of the industry environment in Bavaria, Germany. The fairs gather architects, specialists and manufacturers of fences and protective solutions used in industrial fences.


Stockholm, 2014

A meeting of the most important and the biggest suppliers of construction materials, machines and technology for the construction industry. The fairs are held every two years. During the last edition of the fairs, in 2014, as many as 900 vendors and over 60 thousand visitors participated in the event.


Poznań 2014

An event attracting leading representatives of the construction industry. The BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair is dedicated to: architects, contractors, traders and developers. They provide the full scope of changes in attitudes towards modern construction based on proven and aesthetic spatial solutions achieved through well-prepared projects and the use of the latest types of materials.
During the BUDMA 2014 fair WIŚNIOWSKI received the two most important awards of the fair: Acanthus Aureulus for the best display stall and the MTP Golden Medal for Connect up and over doors.


Intelligent Home Fair
Warsaw, 2014 and 2015

The fair focuses on new technologies, advanced installations and intelligent home solutions. The fair presents systems and home equipment which, in terms of technological advancement, leaves traditional products behind. The fair is held at the National Stadium.


SAIE Fairs
Bologna, 2014

The event in Bologna, attracting thousands of professionals who wish to exchange their ideas for solutions, projects and construction technologies. The idea behind the fairs is to stimulate further progress in construction. The SAIE fairs put great emphasis on novel solutions which can change the face of the construction industry.


Such a meeting is extremely important; we can present to a wide audience our innovative products, which increases the feeling of safety and are a crowning of the investment.

Michał Drąg
Director of the Sales Department at WIŚNIOWSKI, Germany and Austria region

Our goal is constant development; hence, we appeared in the French market. France is a specific type of market with its typical needs. We have been trying to adapt to those requirements by creating products of the highest level of industrial design and functionality. The large interest in our range and the many people visiting our stall assure us that French customers are looking for such solutions. We have heard many good words and valuable opinions. It is a good lesson for the future which will allow us to constantly improve our products.

Paweł Cymorek
Director of Sales, Western Europe at WIŚNIOWSKI

Text: Aneta Szymczyk-Miraś