A story of a subtle relationship between a man and a woman captured in 12 unique photographs. Places close to the WIŚNIOWSKI brand and its products designed in keeping with the latest trends make up their setting. The essence of sensuality hidden behind refined elegance. This mysterious tale opens up unlimited narrative possibilities for the audience. Sometimes, less is more…

It is with great pleasure that we present to you this unique calendar. It is double-sided. On one side, you will find a full-colour version with WIŚNIOWSKI product images created with utmost attention to detail by graphic artist Kinga Kożuch-Poręba. The other side presents their black-and-white version, which enthusiasts of photographs “with soul” will surely appreciate and which will likely encourage you to keep the WIŚNIOWSKI calendar for more than just a year.

The photographs were inspired and taken by Dorota Czoch. Mother, wife, photographer, expressing her passion in emotional shots. She loves people and it is them she usually captures in her works. Portrait and fashion photography are her favourites and her photos reflect the artist’s subtle soul. She believes that we should never stop to strive for development and constant improvement in our lives.

Models: Aleksandra Bukowiec and Dustin Nowak
Styling: Marcin Kulak & Ellie Łazarczyk (we would like to thank Motive&More, Mateusz Pukło, Sax35th by Alicja Czarniecka, Medicine)
Hair: Paulina Leśniak
Make-up: Joanna Ogórek

By: Justyna Kowalczyk