Nearly 600 metres of fence with entry gates and wickets, 6 entrance and technical doors, and, most importantly, hundreds of happy children. This is the most important summary of the first edition of our campaign called “Make the Dream about Security Come True” or “Spełnij Marzenie o Bezpieczeństwie” in Polish. Together with its sales partners and customers, WIŚNIOWSKI provided security for 11 children’s care and education facilities in Poland.

Along with quality and design, safety is the foundation of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand’s philosophy. The company’s products ensure security in thousands of houses around Europe every day. But each day, thousands of Polish children dream about a peaceful childhood and their carers helplessly look at the dysfunctional state of the buildings housing the care and education facilities they run. Supporting them in carrying out their crucial mission became the inspiration to organize the campaign called “Make the Dream about Security Come True.” With nationwide reach, it was the first charity campaign of this size for WIŚNIOWSKI.
“For each brand, there comes a time when it becomes aware that it does not operate only for itself. For years, we have supported regional institutions and organizations, including individual people in need, in their daily activities. But we were aware that the needs are much higher than that, and being a Polish manufacturer, we feel responsible for the area we operate in,” says Krystyna Baran, President of the Board at WIŚNIOWSKI. “‘Make the Dream about Security Come True’ has shown us that the sense of responsibility is completely worth it,” she adds.

Excellent idea. What was especially great about this contest was that we could choose the way the competition design was carried out ourselves. We feel that all the stages of the competition brought us closer together. We are very happy that the children won thanks to the work they put into it and not because they were given the fence. Simply great – the competition was fully successful.

Katarzyna Lis
Director of the family type care
and education facility in Bydgoszcz

Together we can do more

The “Make the Dream about Security Come True” campaign was bidirectional. On the one hand, children and their carers, as well as the local communities, had to show engagement, while on the other, it required support from WIŚNIOWSKI’s customers and business partners. The first part was a competition, where the children living in care and education facilities had to show their creativity and justify why their facility was to be selected to be fitted with a WIŚNIOWSKI gate, door or fence.
There were many artistic interpretations of this task and the performances either moved us to tears or had us in stitches. Selecting the winners, the Jury was supported by Internet users. Voting for the best works took place via an app. For this purpose, competition participants engaged their entire local communities – their close and distant friends, local media, and even the authorities. Some votes were even cast from other countries. The entire Europe fought for the children’s dreams.
Along with the competition, a promotional campaign was carried out for the brand’s customers. In the autumn special offer, they could purchase the perfectly insulated UniTherm automatic door, the CREO door with concealed hinges, and the Modern fence system at a very competitive price. From each product sold, WIŚNIOWSKI gave PLN 100 for the prizes for the winners of the competition. The total value of the prizes amounted to PLN 330,000.

Wonderful idea, exceptional performance. The competition held by WIŚNIOWSKI made it possible for us to get new fantastic products. It is simply wonderful that we could receive these items as part of the competition. The playing field was level for all participants. It is a great way to provide facilities with products that they truly need, but would never be able to afford themselves.

Damian Szwagierczak
Director of the care and education facility in Skopanie

Our campaign was also joined by the brand’s sales partners who decided to install the products in the winning facilities as a part of their charitable activity. They undertook the hardest task, because it was their responsibility to measure and prepare everything for installation. Sometimes, this meant that old elements had to be disassembled, installers had to adapt to the difficult fitting conditions and use special technical solutions. But they managed to meet these challenges and today, children from 11 care and education facilities can enjoy beautiful and functional places to live in.
“We are very proud that our business partners have so eagerly joined the action and offered their support. Without their involvement, we could not have gone through with the most important part of the project. Yet again, they confirmed that – being true business partners – we can count on them,” says Krystyna Baran, President of the Board.

A small gesture, overwhelming joy

House fencing is usually the last stage of construction works. All the other house investments are put first, but it is a reliable fence that can ensure a good night’s sleep to the occupants. It is no different in care and education facilities whose fundamental function is to provide a hot meal and a place to sleep for the children. In view of such responsible tasks, a reliable fence is pushed into the background and usually just stays there.

We made a short video together with the kids, it was the key to our success. We are very happy about it. The competition stirred up positive emotions and inspired incredible involvement of the entire team. The prizes are very useful and helped our facility a lot. We feel very safe and the children can move around freely. It increased our sense of security and improved the appeal of the facility thanks to these new beautiful products.

Sister Agata Wójcik
Director of the “Wiosna” care and education facility
in Krzydlina Mała

This is one of the reasons why the majority of winners of the “Make the Dream about Security Come True” competition dreamed about a fence. In many cases, the fence surrounding the house was in a very poor condition and that is why it only fulfilled its function in theory. Wickets that failed to close, damaged segments, and crumbling footings not only decreased the aesthetic quality, but were also giving the carers sleepless nights. Luckily, we were able to change it.
New fences and doors transformed the appearance of the winning facilities and provided children with a safe place to play. The children were overjoyed, which they expressed during their meetings with WIŚNIOWSKI’s representatives. WIŚNIOWSKI’s representatives visited every winning facility to check how the new products were received and meet the competition participants. Children and carers gave them a warm welcome, they presented them with handmade arts projects and invited them to artistic performances and friendly talks. Representatives of the local authorities and media also joined the meetings.
“The ‘Make the Dream about Security Come True’ campaign made us aware of the enormous needs of such care and education facilities. By involving our customers and business partners in this campaign, together we can help them, even if only a little bit. Together we can make the children’s dream about security come true,” Krystyna Bara, President of the Board, sums up.

By: Justyna Kowalczyk