What’s the secret of WIŚNIOWSKI’s success? It’s mostly based on the fact that there is no secret, only the consistent implementation of an obvious and well-known strategy. Our company success is based on three main pillars: manufacturing innovative and competitive product, getting the customers to like it and assembling the product for the user in such a way that they’d never have any reasons to complain.


This text will describe the third of the listed conditions necessary for the company to succeed. In order for our products to work correctly and become a source of satisfaction of the users, they need to be installed by professionals, that is by people who can do it properly. Where does one get such people? It’s best to train them ourselves, because then we can be sure that they know everything about our products and can handle every situation.

The assembly garden

The Training Centre at the company makes a great impression as, next to the product display (over one thousand square metres!) there is a place for hands-on training, called the assembly garden. It has existed since 2011 and it is probably the only such garden which can be attained and fostered all year long, and which bears fruit in every season.

“Our garden is buzzing 12 months a year,” says Grzegorz Koc. “At the beginning of every year we prepare a training schedule to last till December. The training is free of charge and the participants feel that the trainers share their best knowledge and experience with them. If I had to use one sentence to tell you why does our company put so much attention to assembly training, the sentence should go like this: because poorly assembled product doesn’t work!” he adds.



Training all year round

Since a poorly assembled product will not work in accordance with what the manufacturer guarantees, and it would be dissatisfactory to the customer, it is better to prevent such situations at the assembly stage. A correctly assembled product, especially an automatic gate, is the last element of a path which the product goes from the production hall to the property of the owner. This is why, all year round, in four-person teams, we conduct training with an especial focus on novel products and automation. Every participant of the course also receives a certificate of completion, which is a confirmation issued by WIŚNIOWSKI of the acquired knowledge and skills. The constant improvement of professional qualifications by the installers is also necessary due to the increasing technological advancement of the company’s products. A gate or a fence of today are the elements of a greater electronic whole, involving remote controls, automation or advanced access protecting the home.


For several years now assembly training has become a real breeding ground of professionals. To illustrate the scale of the enterprise I’ll add that in 2014 we trained almost 700 people. Such a number definitely makes an impression.

Grzegorz Koc
Training Centre Manager


This is how the situation looks today, but how will it look in the nearest future? Wmontowani.pl, a new Internet platform, which will be a social network site for professionals, will soon be launched. Every installer will be able to set up their own professional profile there and, therefore, the customer will gain easier access to information on the available experts.

“With the use of such an industry platform it will be easier to find out who handles the assembly of our products and what level of professionality they present,” says Magdalena Woźniak from the Marketing Department. “Nowadays, the customer selects the entire assembly team mostly on a word-of-mouth basis. Of, course such a method is important, but thanks to our website we are offering the customer far greater access to information on who is the best installer of our products.”


Text: Editorial team