Successively perfecting a product and increasing its protection level, is an ongoing process. New technologies and product capabilities are created every day. We continue to pursue solutions which not only let the customer feel safe, but also make everyday life easier.

Protected by sensors

The quick-folding V-KING gate is a specialist product which requires exceptional protection solutions. There is no such thing as too much safety, so WIŚNIOWSKI applied an additional solution, the infrared sensors. They emit a protective infrared field. When an obstacle appears, it breaks the infrared stream and the sensor generates a signal to stop the gate. The infrared protection was developed to eliminate potentially hazardous points in the gate. This is of special importance in low gates, for example with the height of 2,000 mm. The infrared sensor is directly screwed to the gate leaf. When the customer orders a single-leaf gate, only one sensor will be supplied. Analogically, in the case of a double-leaf gate, two sensors will be supplied. With the end customer in mind, it is worth considering the purchase of the sensors securing against possible hazards.

Comfort and confidence

KrystianProduct quality, functionality, and versatility are crucial. WIŚNIOWSKI complements these qualities with comfort and safety of use. We do our best to make sure that the customer knows that the purchased product is easy to install, which saves precious time needed for its installation. We want every user of our products to feel confident and safe.

Krystian Teresiński
Product Manager
Industrial fences



The magnetic armature increases access control

The magnetic armature is an element installed in between the system of two V-KING gate leafs and serves as an additional gate lock. The principle of operation of this device consists in emitting a magnetic field which attracts the metal plate installed on the other leaf. This way, the gate leafs remain closed. In this case, a mechanical deadbolt does not serve the locking function, which is taken over by the magnetic attractive force of the armature. The armature is an optional accessory and when ordered, it is screwed to the face of the gate leafs in the factory. The kit includes an armature screwed to one gate leaf and the plate installed at the same level on the other gate leaf. The armature requires a source of current, as without it, it will not work and will not operate as intended.

Panel_Kratowy_Vega-B_Light_80x200_bz_2VEGA B LIGHT AND ITS NEW MESH SIZE

The well-known Vega B Light panel, made of a 4 mm thick wire, has a new look thanks to the use of a 80×200 mm mesh size. The mesh size is a typical and very important quality of the panel, because it not only influences its look, but also the rigidity of the fence. It determines the price as well. Even though 1,330 mm and 1,530 mm are the only available heights of the new Vega B Light panel, it should be remembered that these are the most frequently used and most popular heights. The panel will only be available in the galvanized + painted version, and the colour palette will include: RAL 6005 (green), RAL 7016 (graphite), and RAL 9005 (black). The Vega B Light panel with 80×200 mm mesh size is dedicated for the following installation systems: Gamma, Safe, and Omega.

Plug&Play installation – a new quality of V-KING delivery

WIŚNIOWSKI is introducing an option to order the V-KING gate in the Plug&Play version, which goes hand in hand with usability. This delivery option means that the customer receives a product which works right after the installation. Thanks to the Plug&Play option, the installation of the V-KING gate is very simple, even though it is a specialist product. The perfect configuration of the gate in the factory allows the customer to start using the gate almost immediately. The only work required is to remove the protective film, mount the gate on the posts, and connect the power supply. In the standard delivery option, the gate requires setting the gate lines, inclination, and leaf rods. The gate also needs electronic devices to be connected and configured. The advantages offered by the Plug&Play option are apparent.
This solution is available for gates up to 2,200 mm in height with ground clearance lowered to 100 mm and for gates up to 2,000 mm in height with the standard 250 mm ground clearance. WIŚNIOWSKI also offers the Plug&Play delivery option for higher gates, but this requires appropriate specialist transport which is not limited by the semi-trailer height, e.g. open roof transport.

By: Elżbieta Solewska