The WIŚNIOWSKI brand continues to support innovative visions in design. In cooperation with Dorota Czoch, a professional photographer, the company held a special photo session which demonstrates the power of technology and the beauty of modern design. The results of this session were shown on Thursday, 7 January 2016, during an official vernissage at Heron Live Hotel***** in Sienna.

WIŚNIOWSKI focuses its business on product functionality combined with innovative design. As early as in 2012, the company surprised everyone by radically changing its visual identification. The new logotype is minimalistic and modernist to reflect the prestige of the brand.
One year later, the company held the WIŚNIOWSKI Fashion Show, featuring sophisticated haute couture for women. The fashion collection was created by Anna Wiśniowska, the founder of the Bruno Nowi brand. She designed the costumes and clothing based on the materials normally used by WIŚNIOWSKI to produce its doors, gates and fences.

Dorota Czoch – autorka sesji „TECHNOLOGIA. MATERIAŁY. JAKOŚĆ”.

Dorota Czoch, author of the session TECHNOLOGY. MATERIALS. QUALITY.

The collection was then revived by cooperation between WIŚNIOWSKI and Dorota Czoch, a photographer of the younger generation. The processing facilities and the austerity of the production floors inspired the artist to do a modern-styled industrial photo session. The leading motif was the technology of WIŚNIOWSKI and the innovative collection from Anna Wiśniowska.
“We are inspired by art and modern design. Our products are built to satisfy consumer needs and the aesthetic appeal for a visual closure of every building project. This is why we stand out on the market. We look deeper into design”, says Katarzyna Świderska, Marketing Director at WIŚNIOWSKI, the originator and coordinator of the photo session project.
“I prefer purity in form. When I entered the shop floors at WIŚNIOWSKI for the first time, I felt at home. It is a great photography location. Naturally, the character of the stills is also defined by the models. The unique styling does not make them stand out, they are in perfect harmony with the interior and create exceptional shots”, explains Dorota Czoch.

The photo session was held with extreme safeguards in place, and a great care for the industrial safety of all involved. No participant was ever exposed to any hazards or risks from the processing lines, machines, or materials. The medical services were provided by the GOPR Detachment (the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue) from Krynica Górska.
The session’s models were Paulina Zwolak, Dagmara Raczyńska, Kinga Łukasik, Aleksandra Bukowiec, and Dustin Nowak. The styling and make-up were designed by Sylwia Sandera. Hair styling was provided by Paulina Leśniak.
The effects of the cooperation between WIŚNIOWSKI and Dorota Czocha were displayed at a vernissage held on 7 January at Heron Live Hotel***** in Sienna. That evening, the visitors could witness the secrets of the manufacturing processes behind the WIŚNIOWSKI doors, gates and fences frozen in still frames. It was also an opportunity to meet the author of the photographs and the brain behind the project. Each visitor received the 2016 WIŚNIOWSKI Calendar TECHNOLOGY. MATERIALS. QUALITY which features the photographs from the exhibition in Sienna.
The exhibition was open at Heron Live Hotel until the end of January. A selection of these photos reappeared at the WIŚNIOWSKI exhibition stand during the BUDMA 2016 International Construction and Architecture Fair in Poznań. The exhibition will be displayed at the WIŚNIOWSKI showroom in Łomianki and will later be moved to the showroom in Ruda Śląska.

WIŚNIOWSKI calendar acclaimed by art connoisseurs

The 2016 WIŚNIOWSKI calendar won the 3rd Best Photographs place at the Zoom Art International Calendar Show and Competition.
The 2016 WIŚNIOWSKI Calendar TECHNOLOGY. MATERIALS. QUALITY has been recognized by a jury of marketing specialists, graphic artists and photographers. During the Grand Finale Gala at the International Congress Centre in Katowice, the hosts of Zoom Art awarded the representatives of WIŚNIOWSKI the distinction in the Large Sheet Calendars category and the statuette for the 3rd place in the Best Photographs category.