WIŚNIOWSKI treats company benefits seriously and comprehensively. The owner and the Management Board wish to provide for their employees the comforts of life and health. This is why they offer the available benefits to anyone. The details of the social benefits for employees are presented by Urszula Durańska, Personal Director at WIŚNIOWSKI.

Nowadays, employers are not obliged to provide an Employee Benefit Fund. What does WIŚNIOWSKI think of the issue?

It is not obligatory but we believe it is needed. The employees themselves opted for keeping the fund and the Management Board agreed. As you know, in the current legal system this kind of fund is not obligatory and employers of private companies are not obliged to create one. In our company there are no trade unions but the interests of all the people employed are handled by the employees’ representatives. After the funds were no longer obligatory due to amendments to the provisions of the law, they submitted a motion to the Management Board to keep the fund at the company. The Management Board agreed to that and, as a result, the regulations on managing the fund was drawn up and the personal director is now responsible for their implementation. Despite the fact that the fund is not obligatory we cannot imagine not helping our employees. This is why the existence of the fund is seen as a good tradition in the company and a natural way to take care of our employees.

What criteria are applicable for granting resources from the Employee Benefit Fund?

During the allocation of resources, the income criterion is primarily taken into consideration. We help employees and their families, and financial resources are also granted to our pensioners or those with disability pensions. The factor which is always considered when granting aid is the family situation of the employees. Fortuitous events, which put them in a difficult position, constitute an important aspect in granting aid and in such a case the financial aid is immediately provided. We both offer financial and in-kind aid. The latter type involves, for instance, the purchase of construction materials or home equipment. Under the benefit fund the employees may also be granted a loan. This type of benefit is quite popular because for many families it provides substantial aid and can be used for housing purposes or help them if sudden and unexpected expenses appear.

Are the social economic situation and fortuitous events the only cases when employees can apply for aid from the fund?

No, they aren’t. Both before Christmas and Easter the so-called holiday social aid is initiated. It is granted depending on the income level. People who have found themselves in an especially difficult situation are offered additional financial support.

What aid is provided for the children of the employees?

Every year, for 10 years, our youngest children receive special Christmas gifts which, as our employees assure us, bring great joy to them. I think that it’s also very important for the parents that they can make their children happy in such a way.

What other forms of aid are the employees of WIŚNIOWSKI offered by the company?

For instance, we co-finance tickets for various sports and cultural events. The Marketing Department constantly monitors the most important events, not only in the region (for example the Autumn Theatre Festival, matches of the Polish national team or concerts) and obtains a certain number of tickets for the employees. The subsidized amount depends, as always, on the income level of a given employee. Moreover, we also take care of the physical condition of our team by financing family outings to the swimming pool. Another form of support is the possibility to use the company’s canteen, which offers hot and tasty choices. It is very convenient for the people employed by the company and additionally it’s a sign that we care for their health. We are aware that a meal consumed in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere favours effective work and satisfaction

How does the Employee Benefit Fund foster team building?

One of the functions performed by social benefits is building a strong and good team of people. This is why the fund is also used to sponsor tourist and recreational trips. Under the program we have managed to visit eight major cities of Europe, including Paris, Vienna, Budapest and Lviv. Regular meetings and team building trips for particular departments, which we’ve organized, prove to be quite popular among our employees; their goal is to bond people who work together. Moreover, these trips are always connected with cultural and sports activities.

Are there any other functions of the fund at WIŚNIOWSKI?

We realize that the identification of an employee with the company becomes stronger with the more aspects of the employee’s life that are connected with it. This is why we try to support our employees not only in professional matters but also in their private lives. People always seek stability and security, which we can offer them due to the resources of the fund, among other things. By meeting their everyday needs we make their lives simpler and, therefore, they can enjoy more pleasure and satisfaction by performing their work.


We realize that the identification of an employee with the company becomes stronger with the more aspects of the employee’s life that are connected with it. This is why we try to support our employees not only in professional matters but also in their private lives.

Urszula Durańska
Personal Director

Interviewer: Beata Pałac