Making a decision to purchase a specific product, the customer wants to be sure that it will live up to all their expectations. Every detail of the order should therefore be carefully prepared and tailored to the needs of both the customer and the environment in which the given product will be installed.

Striving to streamline the process, WIŚNIOWSKI successively provides product technical data sheets. The sheets are a perfect tool at the stage of making a purchase decision and constitute an essential source of information when choosing the right product.
The product’s technical data sheet is an information document. Its main content is the product’s technical description, the presentation of its parameters, performance, and intended use. There are no specific legal requirements as to the content of technical data sheets, so the manufacturer makes the final decision regarding this matter. WIŚNIOWSKI takes care to provide information that is clear and comprehensible both to the distributor and the end customer in its technical data sheets. The content included in the sheets is selected so as to constitute additional information material for the distributor at the stage of arranging order details with the customer. The technical data sheets are also a great appendix to offers for investors.

Everything in one place

Making use of the technical data sheet at the stage of investment planning, the customer can be certain that the opening prepared e.g. for the installation of a gate will be just right and match the dimensions of the given gate. They will also be able to choose the right infill and finish of the product, hardware, and even colours. The technical data sheet will also inform them about which drive to choose for the given requirements posed by the product in order for it to function correctly. It contains information on additional features and optional accessories, as well as the basic knowledge about the manufacturing process. It is therefore a certain kind of compendium of knowledge about the product. In WIŚNIOWSKI’s technical data sheets, you will also find photographs of actual projects in which the given product was used, helping you visualise your future investment. We encourage distributors and customers alike to obtain technical data sheets, as they will provide them with access to the basic knowledge about the product all in one place. They will also help customers during the decision-making process and make quotation easier for the distributors.

By: Elżbieta Solewska