Smart technologies are now present in every area of life. Traditional products with smart technologies gain a new sort of refinement by offering users other functions and ensuring unmatched utility in specific scenarios. Your home and its surroundings is a special place for using smart technologies and this is exactly where the space is for devices such as garage doors, gates or doors to be connected to the smart world of the Internet of Things.

Living smart

If you analyse various areas of life and the potential of making them functional, connection with the Internet becomes the next stage of product and service development. The Internet of Things is starting to determine the manner of organizing your life. You are becoming smart and the wide range of consumer solutions allows you to improve your comfort and safety. Starting with shopping through to controlling devices remotely to avoid accidents, monitoring weather conditions, and protecting your personal rights. The variety of products and services that can be connected to the Internet of Things is enormous. The use of the Internet connection in the automotive industry, sports and tourism, as well as in culture and art (museums and cinemas) and many public buildings (airports, hotels, and shops) can serve as an example. The popularisation of the Internet made technology an integral part of products themselves, and by transforming them into computers, it broadened the scope of benefits from owning them. Devices can inform you about their status or outdoor conditions. You can monitor the given product using commands, and what is more, thanks to the implemented algorithms, the product can learn the owner’s patterns. Based on algorithms that progressively collect data, complemented with historical data, a smart product can increase its performance and perform diagnostics. Ultimately, smart products can improve the standard of life for their users and increase the safety in all the areas where smart solutions are implemented.

A smart home

Your home is a special place for smart solutions to be used. Building automation includes a number of conveniences: premises monitoring, motion sensors, smart watering, and thermostats that learn their users’ patterns. Other options include supervising indoor and outdoor conditions, such as the presence of liquids in the buildings and hazards in the systems. Smart technologies have stepped into our houses in the form of fridges and remote controlled washing machines that can use the energy when its price is lower. By controlling light bulbs, thermostats or air conditioning, you can control the consumption of utilities. Most importantly, however, you can make your loved ones safer thanks to camera and alarm systems.

smartCONNECTED – smart garage doors, gates, and doors by WIŚNIOWSKI

The development of mobile technologies and wider access to the Internet have opened yet another stage in the process of evolution of the Internet of Things. These changes are also noticeable in garage doors, gates, and entrance doors, where WIŚNIOWSKI encourages its customers to leave the automation age behind and step into the smartCONNECTED world of the future, where garage doors, gates, and doors communicate with their users. Thanks to computer-assisted automation, the smartCONNECTED idea provides WIŚNIOWSKI garage door, gate, and door users with remarkable benefits. Above all – the sense of control over the device and the sense of safety for you and your family. The smartCONNECTED garage doors, gates, and doors meet your expectations regarding energy savings and comfort.
On the one hand, the idea involves controlling these devices with a smartphone, and on the other, full control and the ability to stay in touch with your home from any place in the world.

Safe and comfortable


The comprehensive idea behind the smartCONNECTED name is an investment that benefits your whole family, because to enter your home, you no longer need to lug around a bunch of keys. Parents can let their children inside without leaving the office. You can also check whether the gate is closed by using your smartphone. What is more, thanks to the use of algorithms, your smart home can memorize the lifestyle of its inhabitants and perform basic actions, such as activating the alarm or the motion sensor for them. And with the global positioning function, it can also open the gate and the garage door just before you arrive home. Solutions like these are becoming completely real and available for the most demanding customers and modern technology enthusiasts who want to experience the advantages of living in a smart home.

With the best smart home solutions in mind, we have partnered up with Somfy, a leading global manufacturer of automation products and control systems. As a result of this partnership, WIŚNIOWSKI garage doors, gates, and doors have reached yet another level of product development to achieve full integration of our products with smart homes.

Marcin Strzelec
Manager of the Garage Doors, Gates and Joinery Product Group

WIŚNIOWSKI garage doors, gates, and doors with the smartCONNECTED technology can be controlled with the Connexoon central control unit by Somfy. Connexoon is an advanced technology, “io – the first step towards a smart home”, which enables comprehensive integration of automatic home devices, such as gates, garage doors, doors, and lighting. With the Connexoon central control unit by Somfy, you can control WIŚNIOWSKI gates, garage doors, and doors from a mobile app. Connexoon will open the gate, garage door, and door and then switch on the light in the building just before you come back home. It will also close all the gates, garage doors, and doors automatically once you park your car. The system operates the alarm remotely and can check the gates and garage doors with just a tap on the screen. Thanks to the global positioning function, the application will operate the garage door automatically without you having to start an app on your smartphone. WIŚNIOWSKI also offers a solution for gates with radio transmission. The Ri-Co controller is a perfect solution for our customers who already have a WIŚNIOWSKI garage door or gate. The availability of several Ri-Co versions makes it possible for you to choose the control level you want. The basic version controls only the opening and closing of the garage door, gate or door. Extended versions can also check the door or gate status. With Ri-Co Pro, you can check whether your home is properly secured and if anyone attempted to enter when you were out.
WIŚNIOWSKI’s smartCONNECTED idea is yet another stage of the technological revolution in the category of house entrances for people and vehicles. Similar to the way in which automatic doors and gates revolutionized the market of garage doors and gates several years ago, placing them on the tracks of the Internet of Things now will improve our standard of living. It will also provide a lot of added value, such as reduced energy consumption, a greater sense of control over devices, and a general sense of safety and security.


By: Magdalena Woźniak