Having served the best sushi in the region for some time now, the restaurant is spreading its wings and encourages everyone to rediscover its uniqueness.

To date the Sky Bar restaurant at the Heron Hotel has been serving dishes from the Far East, but is now expanding its offering with new sensations provided by fusion cuisine. Fusion gives us the opportunity to experience many unconventional culinary combinations. Sky Bar chefs will discover new flavours, combining traditional recipes from different parts of the world, thus creating new dishes, surprising both in form and taste.

A fusion of flavours

Fusion cuisine is only seemingly simple – it requires both extensive knowledge and a sense of taste, from mixing ingredients through to the manner of serving, as well as precision and creativity. The idea of fusion cuisine was born in North America, which had the largest concentration of different cultures in the 19th century, to which we owe the blend of flavours.
“Encouraged by Sky Bar’s earlier success, we decided to try out fusion cuisine in order to give our guests another reason to count us among the best restaurants in the area,” says Sky Bar chef Krzysztof Małocha.

More than just raw fish

The flavours we had the chance to try at the Sky Bar restaurant before focused on Asian inspirations, mainly sushi and sashimi. Since recently, we can already try new flavours, while enjoying stunning views outside the window.
The Sky Bar restaurant, located on the top floor of the Heron Hotel, has enjoyed popularity among local guests since its opening. Until recently, it was the only restaurant in the Nowy Sącz region serving sushi, and now it surprises again with novelties.
Sky Bar was reopened on 9 June 2017 in a ceremonial setting. The guests had the chance to taste new dishes in the form of an open sushi buffet and new dishes to sample.
The event’s organisers also thought about the enthusiasts of Asian alcohols. A DJ provided a club setting and the wonderful atmosphere of the evening.

By: Justyna Sternal