Once bustling with activity, and then somewhat forgotten, the place has been returning to grace with the efforts of the enthusiasts of the region. Rożnowskie Lake awaits all lovers of active rest and water sports, including yachtsmen. The infrastructure has been continuously developing in the area and will not fail the expectations of even the most seasoned amateurs and professionals.

Rożnowskie Lake, the basin of which resembles an irregular letter S, has 1600 hectares, 22 kilometres in length, and a maximum depth of 35 metres. All of its waters are navigable, and the sandy beaches are excellent for resting, sunbathing, and active recreation ashore. The large body of water makes the lake perfect for sailing. Rożnowskie Lake was made artificially over 75 years ago by the construction of a huge dam crossing the bed of Dunajec. The dam concept was developed in 1934, following a catastrophic flooding of the Dunajec Valley. The dam was intended to prevent the tragedy from recurring. The construction work was kicked off in February of 1935 and completed six years layer. The dam is 550 m long, its width at crest is 9 m, and the overall height is 32.5 m. The continuous flow through the floodgate was used to commission a four-turbine hydroelectric plant.

A diverse offer

Rożnowskie Lake, made by building of the dam, is the largest water sports attraction in the Sądeckie region. Its value for tourism was recognised in an instant. However, the interest waned, and the lake shores were slowly deserted. This has been changing in the last few years. In 2013 and 2014, an operation was launched to dredge the lake; this has undeniably improved the attractiveness of the site, and especially of the lake shores. Now, Rożnowskie Lake is bustling with life and tourism again, awaiting amateurs of water sports, sunbathing, anglers and yachtsmen. The yachtsmen particularly will enjoy themselves at the lake.

Extensive infrastructure

Yachting has been increasingly favoured by the infrastructure developed in the area. The main yachting base at Rożnowskie Lake is located at Yacht Club PTTK Beskid, the Yachting Academy and Water Recreation Centre in Znamirowice, a town located on the western side of the lake and about 18 km away from Nowy Sącz. There you can rent any boat that suits your yachting skills and age. Seasoned yachtsmen will enjoy the available cabin yachts, the Omegas, and sail boats. The younger amateurs can rent the Optimist regatta boats, vessels intended for children and youth up to 15 years old, or windsurfing boards. The Centre can also accommodate amateurs with their own boats. The marina has two piers for mooring, and also port services are available, including laydays or hangaring.

The taste of competition

The Centre also provides slippage of vessels, a parking lot for boat trailers, as well as prepping and maintenance of yachts. Boat builders are also available to assist those in need. You can train for an official yachtsman license or discover sailing competitions. Each summer, Rożnowskie Lake hosts sailing races. The event is organised by the District Sailing Association of Sądeckie and Podhale. In 2015, there were 14 sail races. The most important ones include the Season Opener Races, held to inaugurate the Rożnowskie Lake Days, and the October Sail Races which close the yachting season.

Attractions at Heron Live Hotel in Sienna

DSC_2343Heron Live Hotel in Sienna has an excellent infrastructure for yachtsmen. The hotel owns a marina open to all who rest at Rożnowskie Lake. There you can rent a motor boat with a wheelman. Water sports attractions are available to all hotel guests (as included in a booked package or payable extra) and non-hotel guests (for extra charge).

A harbour without friends is no harbour

Yachting is a sport which gains the attention of more and more amateurs every single year. They say it is an addiction. This is more than an active water sport, it is a lifestyle. When you taste it once, it turns into a passion, and it is hard to imagine your free time without yachting. This sport is all about self-esteem, ambition, as well as openness and self-reliance. Yachting gives a thrill of extreme emotions and a sense of liberty. Yachting also teaches decision making, efficient team leadership, responsibility, and team working. This activity is perfect for entire families. It is also a great way to integrate co-workers, and that is why it has been recommended as an integration event feature. There is a sailor’s saying: “A harbour without friends is no harbour, it is only a random place of mooring.”

Author: Justyna Sobolak