When planning a renovation of you garage, you are frequently faced with a dilemma whether you can increase the functionality of the garage by using advanced solutions. WIŚNIOWSKI’s garage doors for renovated and modernized buildings are the answer.

Several solutions for various types of buildings make it possible to use modern garage doors in non-standard buildings, where the lintel or side clearance is missing or where the wall surface unevenness used to limit the available selection of garage doors that met the requirements of the investors. Our UniPro Reno System and UniPro Nano 80 garage doors and the installation structure solve most situations like these.
Modern building design is now also available in renovated buildings thanks to the renovation solutions. They make it possible to install WIŚNIOWSKI sectional doors in the garage opening regardless of the building conditions, even if the building does not meet the required installation parameters. They enhance the functionality and the appearance of your garage.

UniPro RenoSystem

The UniPro RenoSystem sectional door is our response to the needs of buildings intended for renovation. The lack of sufficient installation space around the garage opening is no longer a limiting factor. A special system of connectors and the design of the frame take over the functionality of the missing wall elements and enable installation of a sectional door in the garage opening. An appealing fascia panel painted in the same colour as the door curtain effectively covers the installation and technological elements of the door and ensures a phenomenal visual effect without the need to hire a plasterer. Moreover, the clear area of the refurbished opening can be used to the fullest, because RenoSystem takes advantage of the torsion springs at the end of horizontal tracks.


UniPro Nano 80

The UniPro Nano80 garage door was adapted for non-standard installation conditions with a low lintel, where a traditional automatic garage door cannot be installed.
Precise design calculations enabled the use of tracks with a special profile, which makes the installation of the UniPro Nano80 sectional door possible even with lintels as low as 80 mm. The appearance of the product was also perfected with every finishing detail selected with utmost care. Varied designs and a vast colour palette allow you to match the garage door to both traditional and modern buildings, and to your own preferences.


Sectional door installation structure

The sectional door installation structure is one of the most versatile renovation solutions. It enables the installation of all types of doors in all building conditions. It is usually used in garage buildings where, for example, double-leaf doors were installed before. This type of garages used to be a challenge and any sort of modernisation required building changes, which ultimately generated additional costs. When the installation structure is used, the scope of works is limited. One of the advantages of the structure is its modular construction, which enables the use of any of its elements depending on the wall element that it is required to replace.
Modern technology and old building design can coexist perfectly – regardless of the building conditions, even the most impractical garage can be fitted with a modern and comfortable sectional door. The Reno-System version of UniPro doors lets you match the installation solutions to any situation.

Konstrukcja-Brama_gara__optBy: Marcin Strzelec