People are the strength of every enterprise, they are the true driving force of business. Good employees are not only key value for a company; they are the ones creating the company and shaping its image! Finding the right people, managing them, inspiring them and finally, retaining them is one of the most important challenges placed before business leaders. Whether you can face the challenge in the long run plays the major role in the success and growth of your business. People standing in the first row ca make the difference between victory and failure for an enterprise.

WIŚNIOWSKI sets the goal of being the leader in the gates – doors – fences category. This ambitious aim is implemented successfully mostly by acting in line with what Andrzej Wiśniowski, the founder and owner, once said: “People constitute capital and they cannot be replaced with the best machines or technologies”. This is why the HR strategy is an important element of the entire operational strategy of the company.
On the people employed by the company – Urszula Durańska, Personal Director at WIŚNIOWSKI:
“Our company is one of the leading employers in the region. We currently employ 1330 people, 886 of whom work in production, 300 work in general administration and 144 are juvenile workers taking vocational training in the company.”
As Urszula Durańska explains, the HR strategy in a company with such numerous employees is understood as a comprehensive attitude towards human resources management. It is connected with making decisions regarding such processes as: recruitment, development or improvement of the employees’ competences or research into staff resources. “During these stages we plan how many and what kind of employees the company needs, we conduct promotion opportunity analysis, as well as building the strategies for the training,” Urszula Durańska explains. “An important issue for us is the development and improvement of the employees’ competences, as well as research into staff resources so that everyone employed can have the opportunity for developing their professional path in accordance with the obtained skills.”

To retain the best

The selection of proper people for the team is one of essential factors of the company’s success. This is why at WIŚNIOWSKI taking responsibility for the recruitment process is perceived as crucial.
“My assumption is that people constitute the basic capital of a company which, in turn, has a strategic meaning for its functioning and in most part, for its development,” says Urszula Durańska. “This is why while recruiting an employee I’m looking not only for a candidate for a given job but I’m looking for a human. Retaining someone in the company and their further development is, for me, as important as employing a new team member. The process of obtaining additional staff takes place according to two keys: qualification and competence. On the one hand, we pay attention to the core skills, that is the proper education and qualifications of a candidate, while on the other we verify whether they possess the right soft skills, that is interpersonal ones. The latter are extremely valuable now because, as far as technical issues are possible to master under the adaptation process of an employee to a company, if there is no ability to learn, communicate or be flexible then it is a signal for us that such a person won’t do well in our company.”

Key competences

As a production and trade company, WIŚNIOWSKI mostly seeks people ready for constant change because these changes are what drives the company’s development and its every activity. Also technical advancements and globalization processes impose on the employees the necessity to keep up with the most recent trends regarding technological, production and IT solutions. Therefore, being innovative, open to change and possessing the need to constantly deepen one’s knowledge are the qualities of every employee of the company.
“We also put great emphasis on teamwork, flexibility and the ability to transfer information,” says Director Durańska. “Irrespective of the sector where someone works, those qualities are essential because they allow us to create such conditions so that the employee, as well as the company, can constantly grow. Static knowledge and routine are not needed to the same extent as the ability to learn, being ready for change and being open to novel solutions. Qualifications are still important but currently they are desired only when they are combined with competences – individual abilities, social and cognitive predispositions. Competences which a young employee possesses when they start working for the company form about 30%of their usefulness while and the rest is acquired in the course of work, providing that the employer fosters suitable conditions for their development. The employee’s attitude is also essential; they need to be willing to improve their professional skills. Every employee is responsible for their own development and the managers’ role is to support them and show them the right direction for these changes. Building a quality dialogue between the superior and an employee is a matter especially valued at WIŚNIOWSKI. We invest in training to develop the interpersonal skills of the managerial staff so that our foremen, managers and directors are able to properly guide the development of their subordinates, to seek talents in the team and to identify problems. Thanks to the acquired social skills the superiors are able to recognize the needs on time and to motivate the members of their team regarding their professional development,” explains Durańska.

Motivation is the source of satisfaction

An important element of increasing the employees’ satisfaction is proper motivation. At WIŚNIOWSKI not only financial motivation but also company benefits are especially valued.
“All employees, irrespective of their position, who distinguish themselves with their engagement, ambition and attempts to do their job even better are noticed and supported in their efforts,” says Urszula Durańska. People who wish to improve their competences, and if their manager believes they are up for it, are offered financing of their education costs, including training, courses or university studies. If there is a vacancy in the company, the first thing we do is to organize an internal recruitment and we seek an appropriate employee among the people we have already hired; if such a person is not found then we advertise the job vacancy outside the company. The employees know that if they invest in their own development, then they have a chance to be promoted. Additionally, they are supported by their company in their pursuit. Several managers who now fulfil important functions began their career in the company starting from the lowest production jobs. Today they manage teams of people and they have an impact on the key decisions made.

Development is the driving force of the company

Many innovative changes in the company are introduced as a result of grass root employee initiatives. In order to support improvements and quality solutions for the organization, and to motivate the employees to engage in its development, the company has set up the “Record of Innovative Ideas”. This functions as an electronic database of ideas which can be submitted by any employee. The ideas may relate to modification of the existing product, designing of a new one or reorganization of a workstation. The authors, in their free time and with the consent of their supervisors, can work on the development of their idea in the plant. The effects of their work are presented to the management staff and, if the idea is granted their recommendation, it is implemented in practice. In case of such success the employee is entitled to receive a monetary gratification.
“It’s a good example that the company has an effective management and knowledge sharing system,” says Urszula Durańska. The fact of contributing to the increase in the effectiveness of the company is as valuable a prize for the employees as getting a financial bonus for being innovative. The image of a person whose idea becomes an origin for change in the company is improved and moreover, such a person gains the respect of their co-workers and the management staff. It is important that the need to introduce innovation in the company in the case of our employees mainly results from their passion and dedication to their work. This is what mainly constitutes their motivation to introduce improvements and it is far stronger than money. The high level of innovative solutions, which have been developed over many years, is the result of a unique combination of qualities presented by young employees, such as: enthusiasm,
creativity and openness coupled with the experience and knowledge acquired by people who have been working in the company for many years.

The power of involvement

Based on the assumption that every employee, with their work, contributes something special to the company – a value which is a part of general success of the company, the managerial staff of the company takes care that the level of the employees’ identification with the company remains very high. The managerial staff, via numerous forms of support, involves the employees in the life of the company. “As a result the opportunity to work for WIŚNIOWSKI is prestige,” says Urszula Durańska. “Our employees are proud that they are a part of an enterprise which respects them and takes care of them. The high level of satisfaction helps the employees engage even more in their tasks and identify themselves with the company to an even greater extent. By engaging more in their work, they become more productive and thus, the services provided by the company increase. This in turn leads to an increase in the loyalty of the customers using the products and services offered by the company, nowadays so important in business. All these factors in total contribute to the development of the enterprise and the increase in its profits. This is why the company constantly challenges its employees, invests in their development and perfects their skills. By valuing the personality and inner values of the employees, the company is present not only during the execution of their professional plans but also their private ones, which stems from the fact of employing many people living in the same region and creating a local community. 25 years of WIŚNIOWSKI success proves that nowadays it is the human capital that is the basic source of the competitive advantage. The vast majority of the company’s resources is quite easily measurable and, after standardisation, it becomes fully comparable with the resources of the competition. Hence, people are the most essential value of an enterprise and decide its dominant position over other companies in related sectors. Their knowledge, skills and experience are the basis of achieving success in the modern day economy.


Change and development is our element

I often get the impression that in the Marketing Department of our company time flies twice as fast than measured by all other watches and clocks. The current market, not only in the construction business, is very dynamic, and to follow its pace it’s always best to be ahead of the game, so the very dynamics of it needs to be ingrained in our genes. Recent years have been a period of intense changes for WIŚNIOWSKI. Many actions accelerated so much that some people definitely feel dizzy just looking at all what has been happening. But we wouldn’t. We are down to earth. Change and development are our element, this is why we buckle up and move straight forward!
Three years ago, when the Marketing Department was preparing and implementing both the rebranding and change of the graphic logo for the company many people clutched their heads in disbelief. The opinions on this step were very varied in the environment. We heard that it’s a risky operation because even the largest brands in the world have not changed their colours in dozens of years. We were totally aware of the risk we were to undertake. It quickly turned out that it was a great move. For us it was a new deal, showing the world the changed image of our company and the speeding up of the actions which in turn opened up totally new possibilities and areas before the company. Due to that marketing courage and clear vision, today we can proudly speak about a totally new market position for our brand.
And all of this is the effect of the long-term strategy of WIŚNIOWSKI. A pro-development, well considered strategy with clearly set goals both for the nearest future and for the years to come. We know what we want to achieve tomorrow, in a year or in ten years’ time. The most extensive marketing operation in the company’s history perfectly fits that strategy. It was worth taking the risk so that today we can show the world the new image of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand. A modern, dynamic, technologically advanced brand which expands into new markets, offering customers interesting designs and every day seeking new solutions; it all makes us the ones who set the pace while the others need to keep pace with us. The young, competent and ambitious team from our department is one of the best in the business. We are the ones setting the trends today, we are becoming a benchmark for everyone else. It’s nice but, at the same time, it requires of us to become even better every single day.
All that I’m talking about I could describe with one word – repositioning. By not distancing ourselves from 25 years of the company”s achievements, we have managed to totally change its image and market position… and quite distinctively… according to the plan.

Marketing Director


We work in line with the rules adopted by the best

The procedures, policies, certificates, provisions, systems, regulations, processes, and norms. It can all give you a real headache. But not for us. If we lacked all that, the company might be in a mess that would definitely make our head spin. Fortunately, the modern world of business and production is ordered and only those who are not able to meet the requirements set before them may not like it. WIŚNIOWSKI meets even the strictest norms; it’s obvious since we are one of the best, as a consequence we naturally adopt rules which apply to the best.
In the civilised world responsible entrepreneurs and manufacturers strengthen their position if they respect the provisions and requirements set before them. For instance: by having a certified quality management system, we are obliged to fulfil the ISO – 9001:2009 standard, whose main assumption is constant improvement. For people outside who look at how the company functions the certificate may seem an excessive indicator of bureaucracy. For us it’s a standard and an obvious element. Since we are one of the best, we work in line with the rules adopted by the best. Identification and description of all the processes functioning in our company is our success. The guidelines contained in the procedures constitute a priceless repository of knowledge and know-how for the company. However, the most essential is that our system is not a dead letter prepared only because that it was required of us. Our system is used every single day in practice. It lives, it is useful because it saves people’s time and makes their work easier. We believe that change is the driving force of development and this is why our procedures are subject to constant modifications. And who is the one who introduces the best ideas and proposals for changes? The employees themselves, obviously; the ones who work in practice in line with these rules. It concerns both the OSHE management system and the strict OHSAS 18001 standards.
Is work in a company functioning according to all these standards more onerous and complicated? It’s quite the opposite – the people, by working in that environment, feel secure and can focus on implementation of the main goal of the company, that is to meet the customer’s expectations.

Director of Development and Improvement
Representative for the Integrated Management System


There is no room for improvising

I’ve heard many times that there is nothing more difficult than economics. What do I think in such moments? I think that everyone has the right to their own opinion and I respect that. At the same time I am certain that anyone who believes modern economics to be boring is someone who does not understand the modern world. Whether we want it or not, economics is present with us every single day and every step of the way, from a household budget to the state budget. Anyone who says economics is boring is someone who does not understand modern business, as well as the clear and strict rules governing the world economy.
I know that many people associate economics with charts, analyses, tables, spreadsheets and long rows of figures, of course. Figures as far as the horizon! Is that boring? For me its fascinating! Thanks to all these currently applied economic tools a company as large as ours can be managed with almost surgical precision. Why is this the case? It’s because every day we don’t come to work and tell ourselves: “We want our today’s results to be on a good level”. On the contrary: “We assume that our results will achieve a good level if we meet the following conditions. It’s as simple as that, but of course caring for the results imposes rigours on us every step of the way. It’s a little like in sports: the player can count on a good result if he undergoes the rigours of intensive training. It’s not enough to say: I want to be the best. I won’t be the best if I did not worked hard before the competition starts.
Economics in all areas of the company’s operations is the thing which imposes on us, or better yet provides us with the best solutions. The very boring economic tools that safeguard every decision made in our company have their grounds. There might be a situation where sometimes a fantastic idea, the most original and boldest vision may not be implemented because there is no economic justification to do so. Is that boring? It’s vital because in such a large enterprise as ours we cannot allow ourselves to make even the smallest mistake or to improvise. We are obliged to know the math for every stage of making a decision. Economics means responsibility. Responsibility not only for the results and profitability of the plant, even if it’s very important, but economics also means being responsible for hundreds of people. Sometimes you just need to say the most obvious and trivial truths out loud: the households of thousands of people in the region (also those who believe that economics is boring) are strictly connected with the budget of our company.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you believe that economics is boring and complicated then I hope that I’ve managed to persuade at least one person that economics matters the most! WIŚNIOWSKI bases its success on a sturdy economic foundations.

Economics Director


Business relationships are the basis of sales

Once I heard a man lecturing on the theory of business use a seemingly innocent sentence: “It’s not art to manufacture a lot of good items. The great art is to sell these items successfully”.
Despite the lapse of time I still remember that hackneyed yet deeply true sentence. Today I can add that I feel proud that at WIŚNIOWSKI I can so successfully participate in introducing business theories into practice. If in today’s highly competitive market the art is to sell, then we have made sales a real art in our company and we have mastered its secrets almost perfectly.
Of course, in business nothing happens on its own so there is no need to convince anyone that building a domestic sales network is tedious and time-consuming work. Am I overreacting? Let’s try to go back over twenty years and imagine a company which produces great, at the time, automatic gates. Let’s also imagine those millions of Poles who are becoming more well-off and have the ambition to change the world around them to be a more aesthetic and comfortable one. These are our prospective customers. Now we just need to reach them with our product because they live 500 kilometres away from the factory and they want to have our gate. We need to provide them with convenient conditions of purchase, give them time to think everything over, offer them various possibilities to choose from and a chance to ask an expert the thousand questions they may have concerning the product. Now that’s what I call a task! I only speak about it to underline how important in the whole process is the network of WIŚNIOWSKI’s business partners, who are the face of our company in the most remote corners of Poland.
Building a sales network is just half of the success. A great value, which we boast, is building unique relations with our distributors. In taking full responsibility I can say that we feel we’ve managed to build something more with them than just mutually beneficial business relationships. These relationships are essential because economic satisfaction is very helpful. However, there is more, a certain added value. And I am sure that our business partners across Poland will confirm that: today we create one, big team playing for the WIŚNIOWSKI brand. We provide them with the best product, offer them stability both in terms of professional career and everyday life; we make them believe that their future can be built on strong foundations guaranteed by WIŚNIOWSKI. In return we are certain that our business partners represent us all over Poland and that they are the people who definitely can be called the true ambassadors of our brand! Such relations can be the base for success. And we have been a proof of that for many years now.

Director of Sales, Poland – East


WIŚNIOWSKI boldly sweeps Europe

If someone asked me what first comes to mind when I think of work then my answer would be: adrenaline! But it’s a positive kind of adrenaline which fuels our further intensive actions. Where does adrenaline come from in the construction industry? That’s easy – I’m responsible for the Western European markets, that is the most promising area of sales for the company, the area which provides the greatest possibilities and which, in the following years, will decide on the scale of the company’s development. To put it simply – it’s an immense challenge and responsibility to take part in a truly ambitious and far-reaching project.
Foreign markets are the strategic direction which a couple of years back was set by the company’s Management Board. It was a great impulse for important changes in the enterprise and a chance for development on scale which cannot be provided by the domestic market. We should remember that the customer in every country of Western Europe is different. Every market has its own specifics, habits, tastes and needs resulting from the weather conditions or local spatial development. Thus, we are now open to new products, solutions and needs. This provides unlimited space for development, investments, constant seeking of new areas to execute our plans. Our presence in the foreign markets is also an opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge and experiences. Today we can say – every day, consequently, step by step we build our position in Europe. Not only figures presenting the scale of sales of our products can attest to that but also strengthening the WIŚNIOWSKI brand, investing in its image in Western Europe. As a company we are present and recognizable at all international trade fairs. Not only prospective customers but also the foreign competition look at us closely. We have no complexes we do not feel intimidated by them. I can proudly emphasize that we have nothing to be ashamed of. The products manufactured in Wielogłowy are placed among the best world-class goods in their sector.
And one more important thing – let’s speak up about it not only in connection with our company’s anniversary. I think it’s an important signal, especially for young people in our region: take a good look at Andrzej Wiśniowski and how well he is doing in Europe. Think that maybe soon the success of our company will also become your personal success. Ambitious young people who have technical knowledge and are fluent in foreign languages, next to great products, are a business card of our company abroad.

Director of Sales, Western Europe


Tomorrow will never be the same as today

If I say that the IT Department is the most important in our company and without it it’s difficult to imagine the entire company’s operation then the remaining departments might feel offended. However, I shall say this: every department wishes to feel important because people work better when they feel that what they do is essential for the company. All departments are truly important and it’s difficult to imagine how the company could function without at least one of the elements of this elaborate mechanism.
I would call the IT sector and general IT systems the blood circulation system of the entire enterprise, which provides all cells with everything that a modern company cannot do without. Our team consists of people with great passion, treating IT innovations, which facilitate the operation of, for instance, the production processes as an adventure. IT, like many areas at WIŚNIOWSKI, are subject to constant change, a never ending quest for new solutions. Surely there won’t be a time when we’ll be able to say that we’ve done everything. There is always something that can work better or more efficiently even if today we don’t know what item tomorrow will be seen as an expedience. Did, several years back, somebody imagine that the entire production process would be controlled and monitored by an IT system? Or that a counterparty could, on an ongoing basis, follow on the screen of their personal computer or smartphone the status of their order? Tomorrow is a journey into the unknown and that’s what is exciting.
It’s similar with the Construction Department. What we surely can say about working there is that tomorrow will never be the same as today. Development, innovativeness, seeking new solutions, meeting the customers’ expectations and the needs of ever-changing market. Artists call that state of mind the creative spirit; however, engineers are more down to earth so they will definitely describe it as development and the seeking of new solutions. Fortunately, many years ago one of the strategic decisions made by Andrzej Wiśniowski was to invest in engineering and constructor staff, and, as you know, investment in human development is the best and the most far-reaching move an entrepreneur can make.

Director of the Design Studio


Improvement processes never stop

We are the world champions! The very day this thought comes to our head, we can slowly start packing. The old rule of true champions reminds us that you are as good as your last product. And even if it was acclaimed in the market, received awards and distinctions and there were those who copied it, you can be sure that it can be the beginning of your trouble. The very next day you need to think of an even better product because, if you don’t, the competition will do that for you. This is the rule we try to live and work by.
The customer, especially when it comes to our line of business, is becoming more and more demanding, has higher expectations towards products and can analyse, compare and assess them. Today many parameters and functionalities of products can be checked and juxtaposed with others without even getting out of bed. It all results in the fact that the improvement process in our company practically never ends. The new products appearing in our range have to meet a number of strict standards, as well as possess the proper technical documentation approved by external research bodies. All that serves providing the maximum level of safety for the assortment offered by the company and allows us to introduce it to the market.
The production process which we’ve described in just a few sentences is one of the most complicated moments in the lifespan of a product. On the one hand, it involves modern technology and advanced devices which we’ve purchased for that very purpose, on the other, there is the human factor, a highly qualified staff supervising all these processes. However, the strictest trials and assessment are performed by the customer himself. It’s especially true for products operating in public facilities, where they are used every day by dozens or hundreds of people. Sometimes the product is tested in a specific climatic or even under extreme conditions. But we do not fear those trials. In our department we are well aware that a gate, before it reaches the customer, has already passed all the most elaborate tests at our facility and we are the ones working in the industry… it’s as simple as that. We are those who never rest on our laurels because we remember that the customer who comes to us tomorrow will expect something better than we can offer him today.

Manager of the Steel Joinery Department


Robots and people in one team

Let’s start with good news (the following will be very good): fencing systems recorded a significant turnover increase in 2014 and today they are the second asset of the company assessed by the value of sales. It is satisfactory, especially that production of our range is time-consuming and costly, mainly due to the large number of available versions. The result we’ve achieved is the effect of courage in seeking innovative solutions. The effects of these most recent decisions, such as those concerning automation and the use of robots in production, will soon be reflected by figures and results. The previously good outcome was achieved by changes introduced to the work systems regarding delegating tasks to employees.
Technical changes are connected with a historic event for our company. In April 2015 for the first time the welding robot, instead of a person, performed the work in our factory. This has been a long planned investment which now I would call even a small technological revolution in the company. This is a breakthrough for us because, thanks to the use of robots production, the capacities in our area also significantly increased. Introducing robots is also an important signal and a symptom of other technological changes in production and, at the same time, it’s a source of satisfaction for the entire staff that this had happened at our plant. Such changes in operating production lines is an absolute necessity of our times. In the past, when someone said that robots would replace people, we would start panicking thinking that they would take someone’s job. Far from it. Today we know that in our company, in our department, robots and people work in one team. Moreover, it’s a good team because thanks to robots we can manufacture more and better products. For the time being it’s difficult for us to call a welding robot our “colleague”; and probably not just because during a lunch break at the canteen he doesn’t talk to us about the yesterday’s match.
Another important factor making the work of the department easier and improving our results is the system of motivating the employees. Consequently delegating responsible tasks and precise production process planning quickly brought about satisfaction to people and substantial results to the company. Also the system of personal goals is important in this matter. It’s essential because it supports the production management processes, creates the feeling of being responsible for a particular area and emphasises the role of an individual in the department’s structure. It is very important for the team because people and their work do not stay anonymous contrary to the robots working next to them.

Director of Fencing Systems and Corrosion Engineering


Automation is the condition of technological development

I am about to tell you in a dozen or so sentences about the tasks concerning introducing automation to a company whose hallmark actually is automation. It won’t work. But let’s try. Automation in our company is a process that I could write a book on but, firstly, we don’t want to disclose everything, secondly, not all people are passionate about new technologies so who would read such a book? That would definitely be our boss, because Andrzej Wiśniowski truly appreciates the value of production process automation. Me, on the other hand, I would definitely read an interview with Andrzej Wiśniowski in a book entitled “The Secrets of Good Business” in which he announced introducing robots to our company that were to replace welders. One robot can perform the work of five welders! The journalist who was interviewing Andrzej suspected that the robot which was to replace welders would also cause them to lose their jobs – so our boss put it straight. “This is a popular opinion that a machine can take jobs from people. For me this is also obvious that in our case it’s quite the reverse. People won’t lose their jobs due to the fact that the company undergoes automation. They could lose it if we didn’t because then we wouldn’t be competitive. Automation, contrary to what people say, does not leave people jobless and it can lead to creating new jobs. Due to robots we will improve the production process, we’ll become more competitive, we’ll expand into new markets, get new customers so we’ll need more people to work for us” – and this is how more or less the entire process was described by Andrzej Wiśniowski. I’m really glad that our boss is an enthusiast of such solutions and that he understands the need for constant technological development. It’s probably one of the keys to the company’s success. This kind of thinking was what led us to the place where we are now. And we have gained a strong position in the industry.
Automatic production lines are a reality in our plant. I’ll tell you this: such solutions are becoming a standard and due to their implementation our production effectiveness has significantly increased, our range has expanded and the quality is even higher than before. Today our department can create automation projects for the needs of the company. In some areas of production automation we are self-sufficient; from the technical project stage up to creating a device. It’s truly satisfying and therefore while we are not the only manufacturers of the highest quality products we can take care of improving production ourselves. Who? Our department, that is a group of qualified specialists from Sądecka Land, who would be the source of pride of every automated factory in Europe. Engineers, high class specialists are also the ones who help to create the modern face of WIŚNIOWSKI.

Director of Technological Development


It’s easier to say what hasn’t changed around here

What has changed at WIŚNIOWSKI for the past 25 years based on the example of our department? When I ask myself that it would be easier for me to say what hasn’t changed during that time. Well, only one thing actually has not changed: we still manufacture sectional and roller doors. Apart from that all underwent change. Everything changed as much as our entire company has. It can be particularly visible because in our department there are many people who have worked there since the setting up of the company.
Let me give you a simple comparison. At the beginning of the company’s operation we manufactured several doors a month. And back then it was a success and a source of satisfaction. Currently, during the same period we manufacture several thousands doors and this is the first indicator showing the changes the company has undergone. This quantity gap is, of course, the effect of technological progress, innovativeness and the constant search for even better solutions. It it were possible I’d love to watch a film on the changes at WIŚNIOWSKI that spanned those 25 years. Shall we try?
So I sit comfortably at the cinema and I imagine this film would start a little like vintage films do. The film would be black and white, a bit blurry and matt, as from an old video tape. Now I see workers on the screen, working in a small hall rather resembling a workshop; they would assemble doors manually. Of course, it would take some time before the door was made so in our cinema a fast forward option would definitely be needed in order to speed up the door production process. And this is how, back in the day, the events sped up in our company… Suddenly our imagined film would become colourful, an automated production line would replace manual production and most processes would be controlled by IT. The image on the screen would be clear, everything would happen several times faster and more accurately and, of course, after some time it would all be filmed in HD quality. It would be great if I could see that kind of film but its individual scenes many people from our plant still remember or they were captured in archive photos.
It’s a nice feeling to know that the plant developed with us and how the owner cared to improve the products and modernise production. The employees, seeing his attitude towards the company, engaged in work and were not afraid of the changes and the setting of ambitious goals. This is how it is until today, despite the fact that the changes take place much faster now and the tasks become even more ambitious.

Production Manager


Doors – a higher standard of life for Poles

In the beginning there were doors. The first up and over doors, and this is how WIŚNIOWSKI was born, and now it successfully conquers the world. For many people doors represent a beginning of a journey and adventure, we open the door and set out into the unknown. In case of our company it was all the same. It all started with doors.
Manufacturing the first up and over doors by Andrzej Wiśniowski, going up into the ceiling of the garage, was a jackpot idea and even taking into consideration the times a real revolution. The customers in Poland, seeking novelties and something they’d never tried before, welcomed the product with great enthusiasm. The automatic up and over doors, after the years of shoddiness and spartan socialism, were a substitute of luxury and a better world which was now opened to the people. Today, after 25 years, automatic doors have become a natural part of the household fittings. It’s obvious that they open after pressing a button. But back then, over 20 years ago, our products revolutionized Poles’ opinion on their closest surrounding. Even if it sounds lofty I’m not afraid to say that a quarter of a century ago, due to our first products, we started to revive the aspirations to increase the standard of life and comfort in the lives of Poles which, until then, they had only known from American films. Today, when we dwell on that, we can only smile because automatic doors often protected small Fiats, Polonezes and, in the best case, some quite old Volkswagens.
However, the most important thing is not to get yourself carried away by success but to control it. And Andrzej Wiśniowski managed to do that because instead of celebrating, he made another rapid move. Perfect intuition of the needs of an absorptive market requires constant attention and analysis. We know what the customer needs today but we also need to foresee what they will need in the nearest future. This is why intuition of market needs and prudent investments in the development of that production sector have brought about their effects quickly. What is more important, the technical and technological solutions used in the production of up and over doors were successfully adapted later in other areas of the company. I’m glad that it was our department, as the oldest in the plant, that developed solutions which, as model ones, could be adopted by others.

Director of Production


We are independent and mobile

It’s wonderful that our company is located in such a picturesque place in Poland. Beauty is a definite asset. The downside is that we are a region, which the experts call communicatively excluded. To put it simply: getting to many places in Poland and Europe constitutes a problem and sometimes it’s even a nightmare. Such a situation is quite a challenge for our Transport and Logistics Department. Recently, WIŚNIOWSKI, with several large companies from our region, engaged in lobbying for the construction of the “Sądeczanka” – a fast road connecting Sądecka Land with the A4 highway. This is an essential investment for the development of the entire region. For companies such as ours it’s also important because modern business requires fast communication, not only in terms of providing raw materials or finished goods sent to the recipients but also in the simplest business contacts. A troublesome drive and time pressure can frequently make somebody resign from those contacts or limit them. But our company proves to be an exception to that rule!
When I talk about the current fleet of WIŚNIOWSKI I understand it as all available means used to effectively travel all over the world, so I also mean the company’s helicopter and jet. Due to the bold decisions on equipping the company with such, I emphasise, work tools, we’ve become independent and mobile in line with the highest world standards. It significantly increases the ease of work, saves time and frees us from unnecessary emotions, frequent when using unpredictable means of public transport. Thanks to these modern means of transport not only do we keep up with the pace of the hectic business world but we stay ahead of the curve! We are faster than our competition! In a short time we can reach any place where our presence and making fast decisions is required. Due to these transport conveniences we don’t have to miss any meetings that may turn out to be important for us. As a global company we cherish the global reach of our means of transport.
Of course, the basis of our company’s logistics is road transport. Today, our vehicles are not only of the highest standard, meeting the strictest ecological norms, but they are part of a mostly computerised fleet. Not only are the production processes subject to automation but the same goes for transport. Due to our innovative IT solutions it is possible to provide regular contact between the company, the driver and the customer. This is one of the examples showing that in a modern company even seemingly small details are perfected.

Transport and Logistics Director

Beata Pałac