Sport is not only about great values, such as competition, dedication, fair play, respect for your rival, and health… One of the key elements of every sport discipline, especially when it comes to football, are the emotions. They are the reason why millions of people sit in front of the TV or come to football stadiums. WIŚNIOWSKI wants to be a part of that experience. This is why it has decided to become the Official Sponsor of the Polish National Football Team.

Somebody once said that in football, unlike volleyball or basketball, even a theoretically weaker team can win a game. All that needs to happen is one good shot to be made. This one important reason why so many people, fascinated by the game, watch matches to the last minute. What other reason could there be why so many fans wanted to support the Polish team on 11th October 2014 during the match against Germany? It was a time when the 70th team in the FIFA ranking was playing against a world champion team who had not lost a game in the past 30 games. Sometimes the faith and dedication of the fans are awarded. And then the magic happens. Also a year later, exactly on 11th October 2015, was another magical event, when Poland played against Ireland at the National Stadium. By winning 2:1 we confirmed our great success, which is getting to the 2016 Europe Championships in France. Such moments are remembered for decades. The same happened with the famous game at Wembley in 1973, 1974 in Munich and 1982 in Spain, when during both World Cups the Polish team achieved third in the world, beating Brazil and France.


A dream debut – fortune favours the better side

When, in the 51st minute of the match between Poland and Germany, Arkadiusz Milik scored a goal with a header and Manuel Neuer did not defend it, almost 60 thousand fans at the National Stadium and almost 7.5 million in front of the TV could not believe that they were witnessing a historical event. Another beautiful goal – 2:0 after the Lewandowski – Mila action proved that day was a day when dreams could come true, and for the first time in history the Polish National Team was going to beat Germany. Despite the fact that our neighbours were attacking constantly, Szczęsny had to defend the goal against numerous attempts, and Germany attempted shot and shot, without scoring. Mario Goetze summed it up well in his interview after the match in the mix-zone (a zone where after the match footballers come, standing behind their sponsors’ and team partners’ logos to give short interviews). He said that even if the match lasted another half an hour, Germany wouldn’t have scored that day. It was a special time when Mario, Lucas Podolski, Thomas Müller, and Toni Kross were unable to beat Szczęsny. And then in the 94th minute Robert Lewandowski, holding the ball in the German half, put a so-called net to Kross, and a moment later was carried by his friends celebrating the end of the game, the Poles in front of their TVs and those present at the stadium knew that it was epic. Football fans say that it is during such games and not during football practice or meetings that the strength of the team is built. One can boldly say that now character, persistence, drive for perfection, fighting obstacles to the very end are qualities which fit our National Team. They are values ingrained in sports. They are assets which allow one to become successful. They are also values which build the success of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand. It’s one of key reasons why the company has decided to support the national team by becoming its official partner.

Poles can surprise others. But success isn’t just about sports skills.

Blood, sweat and efficient organization

We know now that Poland can surprise others. But success isn’t just about sports skills. The Polish team, in many interviews, underline the amazing atmosphere in the locker-room, the good relationship with Adam Nawałka, the team manager, with the Polish Football Association, as well as the good organization of the entire staff. I don’t think many people paid much attention to a small incident during the elimination and a very difficult match between Poland and Scotland, which confirms that fact. In the first half Kamil Glik got his eyebrow cut by an aggressive rival. Blood stained the t-shirt of our stopper and, in accordance with FIFA regulations, a player cannot play in a blood-stained shirt. This is why every player has an extra one in the locker-room. Kamil changed quickly and was ready to resume the game. But when in the second half his spare shirt was again blood-stained the commentators noticed that it could be a problem because Kamil had used up his available clothes. Surprisingly, the Polish defender was able to get a clean shirt from the locker room. After the game the riddle was solved. It turned out that a storeman had washed the first shirt during a break. Due to that forethought, Glik was able to play the game to the end. This is how a good team works, because football is a team sport. But the team consists of more than players, coaches, medical staff and logistics. Nowadays, grand sport means grand emotions along with, at the same time, lots of the money that is essential for success. WIŚNIOWSKI is proud to support the Polish National Team as its official partner. The WIŚNIOWSKI logo has been, since August 2014, visible during all matches of the team that are played in Poland. The company has also the right to use the logo of the Polish National Team in its marketing materials. Apart from the promotional dimension, being an official partner of the Polish National Team is also symbolic for a company with 100% Polish capital. “The path and the struggle of the Polish team on international soil were not easy. This is an obvious feature of not only sports competition, and we all know the meaning of that word all too well. This is why support for the Polish team is obvious for us,” says Katarzyna Świderska, Director of the Marketing Department at WIŚNIOWSKI. For all partners of the company the presence of our logo during such wonderful matches is great news. Consistently building the image, including by increasing brand awareness, brings significant benefits, including for the team. The numbers speak for themselves. The match between Poland and Germany was watched on TV by about 7.5 million people, rising to over 9 million at key moments. The struggle with Scotland was even more popular. The average viewership of over 8 million reached 10.5 million people at peak moments. A true record was the match against Ireland, the last in the eliminations, which had an average viewership as high as 10.3 million. The WIŚNIOWSKI logo was present during all these matches. It’s worth pointing out that among advertisements displayed on the led side banners around the pitch our logo was one of the most visible and distinctive.
The president of the Polish Football Association, Zbigniew Boniek, has noticed that nobody can really believe the success of beating Germany and, in consequence, the getting to the Europe Championships by Nawałka and his team. The same goes for the WIŚNIOWSKI brand because it will be associated by many potential customers with this special, historic success.

The path and struggle of the Polish team internationally were not easy. It’s an obvious feature of not just sports competition, as we all know the meaning of that word too well. This is why support for the Polish team is obvious for us.

Katarzyna Świderska
Director of the Marketing Department at WIŚNIOWSKI

Team spirit in business

A modern company has a lot in common with a football team. In order for it to function properly, it needs a good team of people with the right skills; moreover, it also needs a well-organized supply base, both social and logistics. Despite the fact that business is a little more predictable than some football matches, success in both fields tastes great. A very important common denominator is progress, as without development, without achieving yet more goals, the implementation of a plan, then there is no success in sport. Every subsequent score draws us closer to becoming champions.
Similarly in business: one cannot be successful without a well-planned development planned contained within the strategy. It’s worth paying attention to one more common element: an enterprise, just like a team in sports, needs to be led by a coach that the team is able to trust and respect. WIŚNIOWSKI has been connected with football for many years, as a sponsor of Sandecja, a local Municipal Sports Club.
A wise man once said that success in sports is not measured in the number of trophies but in the distance somebody had to cover in order to be where he is today. The example of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand demonstrate that these words perfectly depict not only sports but also the corporate values of an enterprise. In this context the presence of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand, as the official partner of the Polish National Team, is no coincidence.

Text: Michał Durbas