Three representatives of WIŚNIOWSKI have been awarded with a prestigious distinction of merit, the Medal of Long Service. This award is given by the President of the Republic of Poland for exemplary and diligent discharge of duties in the service of the state.

On Friday, 8 January 2016, Józef Pilch, Małopolskie Voivode and Piotr Hrabia, Chairman of the Galitian Chamber of Construction, awarded distinctions to: Krystyna Baran, President of the Management Board at WIŚNIOWSKI, Tadeusz Wiśniowski, Vice-President at WIŚNIOWSKI, and Józef Faron, Construction Department Manager at WIŚNIOWSKI.
“This is certainly a good reason for the entire company to be proud, and yet another proof of its accomplished professionalism. The distinctions mean that we have been seen and the efforts we put in our daily work have been recognised. We are happy for this, and the awards motivate us to further work,” says Krystyna Baran, President of the Management Board at WIŚNIOWSKI.
The distinction is the Golden Medal for Long Service in Civil Engineering, awarded for over 30 years of work and professional achievements. This is the highest and most distinguished award in the industry, and we are happy to have three people from WIŚNIOWSKI honoured with it.