The brand philosophy says that every product can and should be continually improved. This is what specialists do: they offer technical solutions that change the market. Soon, the WIŚNIOWSKI range will be expanded with one of these solutions, a combination of the experience and strengths of two brands: WIŚNIOWSKI powered by Somfy, automatic garage doors with the METRO drive unit.

Automation. Can we imagine modern life without it? Getting out of the car to open the garage and park inside is something completely otherworldly to many young people. The new generation of investors includes those who expect comfort, as well as those in the know, who, more often than not, are well aware of what they are planning to buy. This target group is very attractive, yet challenging to garage door manufacturers, who continuously strive to improve the innovation level of their products.

METRO – more than a drive unit

A shared vision of creating products that guarantee operating comfort and safety with intuitive use has delivered a new quality in the drive units for garage doors.
The METRO drive unit combines the proven technology from Somfy with an exceptional enclosure design that follows the WIŚNIOWSKI principles of style. This product boasts superior technical performance embedded in a timeless and outstanding form. The compatibility of Somfy products with the majority of electrical equipment is undoubtedly a major advantage. The METRO drive unit is no different. Smart technologies, which many household appliance manufacturers use in their designs, enable connecting the METRO drive unit to a smart home system, expanding the unit’s functionality in the network of interfaces, smart devices and equipment. Speaking of smart solutions designed for better living, the interoperability of household appliances with the automation intended to control them is a matter of priority. The latter are a necessary complement for the former.

A fruitful cooperation

As a global leader in automation and control systems, we implement innovative projects that often exceed the wildest expectations of our customers. Reliability and durability are among the first characteristics of Somfy products. The market success and leadership in their class stem from nearly 50 years of experience and consistent execution of challenging projects. You can say pretty much the same about WIŚNIOWSKI, both in the context of the Polish market and the potential which the brand brings to the European market of garage doors and fence systems. The effect of our cobranding project, the METRO drive unit, is bound to be a breakthrough product in the industry, and not only thanks to the precision-made configuration of the drive unit and its universal styling, but primarily by the synergy of these two strong brands.

Radosław Borkowski
Managing Director at Somfy Sp. z o.o.

The power of synergy

This product would not have been created if not for the cooperation between WIŚNIOWSKI and Somfy, two companies which give priority to quality, and which have formed an ideal partnership that is based on a shared goal. The objective is to deliver smart solutions that the customers expect – solutions which boast reliability, durability, and quality without compromise.
WIŚNIOWSKI is one of the most dynamically growing brands in the construction industry, our strategy is to provide top-quality products using innovative technological solutions. The doors, gates and fences manufactured under our brand feature excellent style, comfort and safety. WIŚNIOWSKI values technical performance as much as the aesthetic experience and subjective comfort of product users.
Somfy is a global leader in automation and control systems. The high quality, innovativeness and reliability of Somfy products have been recognised by over 300 million users across the world.
In his “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen R. Covey wrote: “If you plant two plants close together, their roots will co-mingle and improve the quality of the soil, so that both plants will grow better than they would on their own.”
This collective effort gives better results, just as in 2+2=5… or sometimes more. This is because synergy uses mutually developed standards, principles and patterns of behaviour. METRO is an effect of such synergy which is based on the utilisation of the greatest strengths of our business partners. You can say that it is unity in multitude and diversity. We have used the differences and customised them according to our needs. It is a multiplication of benefits that has been made possible by skilfully combining components into one whole. Going alone, you will get there sooner. Going with someone, you will walk further.

Author: Magdalena Woźniak

Co-branding: a new quality

Marcin_Strzelec_We are working hard on making our doors safer, more comfortable to use and more aesthetically pleasing. Our current product range already distinguishes between three sectional door categories: from the high-end and exclusive PRIME doors to the UniTherm line, and the most popular UniPro models. Regardless of the expectations and the budget, every customer will be able to find a perfectly suitable solution in our range. Now each of these doors is enhanced with a new quality – an exceptional automation system.
Cobranding by prestigious market players is a commonplace practice around the world that brings many types of benefits to the stakeholders. By cobranding with Somfy, WIŚNIOWSKI will be able to offer a new value to its customers: automatic garage doors with the METRO drive unit, a product with superior performance and timeless aesthetic value. This move will put our product range in better sync with the expectations of the market, while the cooperation with Somfy will help us popularise solutions in the automatic garage door and smart technology sectors, while expanding the consumer base, adding value to the image of both companies, and building a more extensive relationship between the customers and the brand.

Marcin Strzelec
Manager of the Product Group Garage Doors, Industrial Doors, Joinery, Automatic Operating Units