Designed using state-of-the-art technologies, the METRO drive combines power, beauty, and reliability. Now, it is also available in the io version.

A technological revolution is a fact and will stay in our daily lives for good. WIŚNIOWSKI is moving with the times and pushing its limits every day. Lots of us remember the days when a TV set with a remote control was a dream of many Poles and opening the gate or the garage door without leaving the car was simply a thing out of a science fiction film. It is a standard now, but with your comfort and convenience in mind, WIŚNIOWSKI continues to improve its products. Moving horizons and creating technological wonders is a challenge for WIŚNIOWSKI. What used to be impossible is now becoming prevalent.
The evolution of the METRO WIŚNIOWSKI powered by Somfy drive unit is one of the most important changes introduced. The new generation of the drive unit will now also be optionally available in the io version. This gives the owner invaluable benefits. On the one hand, it enables control of the door via mobile devices and its integration with the smart home system, while on the other, it provides full control and lets you stay in touch with your home from any place in the world. The use of the technologically advanced io radio communication allows you to make full use of the features of devices such as TaHoma Premium or Connexoon by Somfy, a global leader in automation solutions and control systems. This allows us to transform a product into a smart device.
The market trends oriented mainly at comfort and convenience are reflected in the WIŚNIOWSKI garage door product range.
All of WIŚNIOWSKI’s products offer comfortable solutions that help you in your everyday life. The latest technology used in WIŚNIOWSKI’s automatic garage doors with the METRO drive in the io version provides comfort and convenience and helps you save time. The smart system implemented in the garage doors with the METRO drive unit will open the garage door as soon as you approach your property. Thanks to smart technologies, you will never look at your home the same way again!


  • Easy programming.
  • LCD display and many configurable parameters.
  • Detection of the actual position of the door*.
  • 4 obstacle detection levels.
  • Overcurrent obstacle detection – an overload protection system stops and reverses the door leaf when the bottom edge contacts an obstacle.
  • Automatic closing.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Track beam with a chain or toothed belt.
  • Two-way io radio communication.
  • Optional emergency battery unit – keeps the door operational in case of power outage.
  • Optional safety devices, e.g. photocells or safety light curtains.
  • Optional prising prevention mechanical lock – locks the door in the locked position and prevents unauthorized opening of the door.
  • Integrated flashing light.
  • Optional additional source of light, e.g. vehicle lighting.
  • Cycle counter.
  • Partial opening of the door for garage ventilation.
  • Failure logging.
  • Full compatibility with products operating in the io technology.
  • Compatible with the Connexoon device and the TaHoma router.

*When paired with Connexoon or TaHoma

By: Wiesław Noga