Imagine a garage door that perfectly matches the design of your house. A door that is powered by an excellent drive placed in a designer housing. Each movement is the triumph of beauty and reliability. Impossible? Look again. WIŚNIOWSKI and Somfy offer a product that will meet you demands – automatic garage door with the new METRO drive.

One concept, shared success

In the design process, even the most minute details matter. This is why each new WIŚNIOWSKI product is a combination of modern technologies and high quality materials, as well as comfort and a sense of safety. Now, together with Somfy, a global leader in automation and control systems, WIŚNIOWSKI took up the challenge – to create the METRO drive series. While working on the solution, we drew on the long-standing experience of both brands. The synergy of the two market leaders gave rise to a precisely engineered drive enclosed in a sophisticated form, designed in compliance with the highest standards applied for WIŚNIOWSKI products.

METRO – more than a drive

METRO is a new generation of drive units. It is a harmonious combination of power, beauty, and reliability, designed using state-of-the-art technologies.

METRO uses the Somfy RTS radio communication. An excellent solution based on Somfy’s innovative technology which enables installation and extension of the drive system without modifying the door wall structure. This is why it is the perfect choice for new buildings, as well as home renovation or refurbishment projects. Intuitive programming and display let you adjust the operating parameters and setup, while the drive unit enables remote control with a keypad and a wall switch. The devices are supplied by battery power, so they can be installed wherever you please. Every user will surely appreciate the speed and smooth operation of the drive when opening and closing the door.02-11-17_Wisniowski-news-nr6_srodek_01-7

Proper matching of the drive and the transmission mechanism fitted with special sound-absorbing elements makes such operation characteristics possible.

For user safety, the METRO drive features an overload safety device which detects an obstacle when it comes in contact with the bottom edge of the door. The safety device then stops the leaf and lifts it up. METRO can be fitted with additional safety devices, such as photocells, a warning lamp, a warning siren, or a mechanical carriage lock. When the mains power is down, the drive is supplied from an auxiliary battery.
“We have been working intensively on improving the safety, comfort, and aesthetic quality of our doors. Our range of products already includes three categories of sectional doors: from the exclusive PRIME door, through UniTherm to UniPro, our most popular door. Now each of these doors gains a new quality in the form of an exceptional automation system, thus creating innovative and original devices among those of their class,” emphasizes Marcin Strzelec, Manager of the Garage Doors, Industrial Doors, Joinery and Automatic Operating Units Product Group.


The METRO drive is Somfy’s proven technology paired with a unique housing design prepared in line with WIŚNIOWSKI’s stylistic standards. The result is a drive unit featuring extraordinary technical parameters and an original, timeless style. This is definitely a new direction for garage door automation systems.

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By: Marcin Strzelec