Agriculture is key to Poland’s growth. The potential of the agricultural sector allows Poland to be ranked among the countries with the highest economic growth.

Agricultural land covers nearly 52% of the surface area of Poland and almost 90% of them are family-run farms. Due to the considerable share of agriculture in the development of the country, farm buildings and equipment dedicated for this sector have to meet very high requirements. WIŚNIOWSKI provides a number of solutions that find application in this sector of the economy.

MakroPro doors crowning your investment

The agricultural sector, which is currently the driving power behind Poland’s economy, is very demanding when it comes to the construction of halls and farm buildings. EU directives and projects include requirements of using top quality products. Because of their special purpose, agricultural investments are planned with utmost care and thought given to the quality and finish of the products.
An example of this type of building is the farm building in Kózki, one of the largest facilities of this sort in the region. This imposing building was furnished with WIŚNIOWSKI’s MakroPro industrial doors. Because of the unique function of the building, its equipment has to meet the established safety and quality standards. The operating conditions on farms and the waste matter produced there form a tough environment for the installed products. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, WIŚNIOWSKI met all the demands and provided the best quality MakroPro industrial doors. Door accessories and the guaranteed security and adaptation to these tough conditions make the farm building in Kózki a complete and professional investment on a regional scale. We are proud to have been chosen to participate in this project and we are pleased to add the facility to the list of our reference buildings.

By: Elżbieta Solewska