Thousands of children in Poland spend many years in child care and education centres. Although every child has specific needs and cravings, what they need most of all is love and security to help them enter adulthood with confidence.
WIŚNIOWSKI has decided to make this dream come true, if only partially.

Poland. Over 19 thousand children in the country are institutionalized in official respite care. Child care and education centres in Poland strive to offer the best care and prepare the children for self-reliance. Many children in their custody have special educational needs, which provides each centre with additional challenges. According to official studies, the sense of security and intimacy is among primary human needs. These needs are much stronger in children who, for various reasons, have been separated from their biological parents. A safe childhood that is filled with love is their greatest dream. A dream that is very hard to turn into reality.

Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy przy ul. Tynieckiej w Krakowie

Special Care and Educational Centre in ul. Tyniecka, Kraków

WIŚNIOWSKI has decided to improve, if only partially, the situation of children at children’s homes and to support the facilities in their core mission. This is why the “Make the Dream of Security Come True” Competition was developed: its goal is to improve the safety of use of the premises and buildings used in the respite care and education of children and youth. The awards in the competition are WIŚNIOWSKI doors, gates and fences with a total value of PLN 330 thousand.

A step towards dreams

WIŚNIOWSKI invited over 1000 child care and education centres in Poland to take part in the competition program. The entrants from each centre were tasked to create works of art, using any technique, to explain why their centre should be upgraded with the gates, doors and fences from WIŚNIOWSKI. The competing works were posted via a dedicated app on Facebook and subject to initial evaluation of Facebook users. Thirty highest-rated competitors progressed to the next stage, and this time its results were evaluated by a selected jury.
The children at the child care and education centres really took the task to heart and worked hard to surprise the jurors. Over 80 works of art were submitted: videos, musical compositions, graphic works and literary pieces. Each expressed a unique level of creativity, commitment, talent, and team work. The competitors also worked hard on promoting their art. Commitment came from the relatives and friends of the children, and even the local government and media were involved. A total of 173,850 votes were cast for all competing works within a month.
The competition jury evaluated each of the 30 top ranking entries. The winners were selected by their inventiveness, commitment, execution, overall reception, and needs of the centres. It turned out that 11 child care and education centres qualified as winners, instead of 10, as established in the competition program guidelines. The winning centres are located in: Bydgoszcz, Jarosław, Kraków, Krzydlina Mała, Kutno, Kuźnia Raciborska, Lulemino, Miąsowa, Nowy Sącz, Pleszew, and Skopanie. Each work enchanted the jury in its own unique way.

Rodzinna Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza w Bydgoszczy

Family Care and Education Centre in Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz – A musical surprise

Smaller does not mean weaker. The Family Care & Education Centre in Bydgoszcz has proven that a small centre can compete and win with large state-operated institutions. What counted here was a creative approach, team work, and genuine fun experienced during the creative process. This is what the eight-strong musical band from the Bydgoszcz care home captivated the jury with.
The children and their guardians prepared a rendition of a known blues and rock and roll standard. A clever text was also written that related to the competition and WIŚNIOWSKI, and then performed in front of a camera, alongside a unique routine. The performance was appreciated by both Facebook users and the jury. The Bydgoszcz centre was one of the winners, and soon it will have its new WIŚNIOWSKI fence installed.
– “Make the Dream of Security Come True” is a very attractive competition. We have never won a prize this valuable before. We knew that our video would be interesting, but we were at the edge of our seats up to the last minute. All in all, we put a lot of heart and effort into our work. We had a great time shooting it, but what’s most important, we spent time together”, says Katarzyna Lis, Head of the Family and Child Care and Education Centre in Bydgoszcz. The prize was installed by Ambram, Toruń.

Jarosław – A new place to live

The kids at the Child Care and Education Centre in Jarosław are waiting to move in to new premises. “Make the Dream of Security Come True” was their perfect opportunity to win a new fence for the new Centre under construction. So they gathered their strength and prepared a video presentation of their current place of residence to demonstrate the hazards they need to cope with every day.

Dom Dziecka w Jarosławiu

Child Care Centre in Jarosław

“We eagerly entered the competition, although we had very little time to complete our submission. We really wanted the support offered by this campaign, as “Nasza Fundacja” from Warsaw is building our new home, where we could really use new and safe fences. The kids have really committed themselves to the project!”, says Małgorzata Foryś, Head of the Child Care Centre in Jarosław.
And the effort shown by children from Jarosław has been recognised. Thanks to Facebook votes and votes of the jury, the children will soon enjoy their new safe home. The prize was installed by STA, Rzeszów.

Kraków – A special purpose fence

The Special Care and Educational Centre at ul. Tyniecka in Kraków is a very special facility. Nearly 400 children with impaired vision have found shelter there. The Centre prepares them for self-reliance, for example, by teaching them the skill of orientation in outdoor and indoor areas. A critical requirement of this adaptation was to ensure the safety of the communication routes in and around the Centre and to mark them with suitable signs.
The Centre currently has a damaged fence which fails to meet the required safety standards. The visually impaired pupils were never sure if someone unauthorized had entered their premises. This problem was explained to WIŚNIOWSKI in a video that also discussed the passions and dreams of the children. This deeply moving work received many votes from Facebook users and a high rank from the jury which secured the award for the entrants from Kraków.
“Our kids loved that campaign, and the competition was approached with great emotions. The prize we have won is very important in terms of assistance, given the modest funds at our disposal. I’m happy to have won also because our place is next to the Pope Trail, a route with heavy traffic, and the new fence will gentrify the neighbourhood”, says Barbara Planta, Head of the Special Care and Education Centre for Visually Impaired Children in Kraków. The prize was installed by HAN-BUD, Kraków.

Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza „Tęcza” w Kutnie

Child Care and Education Centre “Tęcza” in Kutno

Krzydlina Mała – always safe

Wielofunkcyjna Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza „Wiosna” w The Care and Education Centre “Wiosna” in Krzydlina Mała is managed by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. The Sisters tend to nearly 50 charges up to 20 years old. It was the youngest residents of Krzydlina Mała who starred in the video submitted to the competition.
The competing work from “Wiosna” is a touching and enchanting portfolio of its children and their daily efforts to remain safe. The kids and their assistants take great care to avoid any danger, especially when playing outside. The only thing they need to play safe are robust doors and a fence gate to keep all hazards out.
Thanks to the effort of the children and staff at “Wiosna”, their dream about a secure life will soon be fulfilled. The film they made has won the hearts of Facebook users and the jury. Soon the children will be able to stroll and have fun without the fear of danger. The prize was installed by Zakład Produkcji Siatki Ogrodzeniowej, Psary.

Kutno – “Bubbles is in Trouble”

Of all the different locations, the Łódzkie Province seems to have committed itself the most to “Make the Dream of Security Come True”. Among the works which had been sent from the regional children care and education centres, the submission from “Tęcza” in Kutno enjoyed the most attention from Facebook users and the jury. This was mostly down to the adorable Bubbles, the main character of the submitted film.

Rodzinna Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza „Gniazdo Rodzinne”

Family Care and Education Centre “Gniazdo Rodzinne”

“Bubbles is in Trouble” is the title of this cinematographic tale of the exploits of a charge of the Child Care Centre “Tęcza”. The little character valiantly faces all hazards and pitfalls he encounters every day. However, he cannot overcome some of them without proper protection. Bubbles would be adequately protected by a sturdy fence so that he could enjoy his playtime without any care in the world.
The exceptional acting skills of the protagonist are only one half of the feature’s success. The management and other children at the Centre secured the support of nearly the entire local community by engaging the media, the local authorities, and nearby schools. Thanks to their help, the film about Bubbles reached the competition final and won the acclaim of the jury.
“Make the Dream of Security Come True” is an initiative that has been very valuable to the operations of our facility. The project has required great commitment of the entire local community, and last but not least, our children. It was the children who followed the competition as it unfolded, prompted people to vote, and motivated everyone to work on the project. Thanks to the kindness of WIŚNIOWSKI, our Centre will be safer for all”, says Dorota Ćwirko-Godycka, Head of the Child Care and Education Centre “Tęcza”. The prize was installed by HILAK, Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Kuźnia Raciborska – The verses of rap

The Child Care Centre in Kuźnia Raciborska is another facility that chose to enter the competition with a musical submission. The children and their guardians jointly wrote the text and composed a hip hop beat to it. The song came with a video clip in the form of a still frame show.

Wielofunkcyjna Placówka Opiekuńczo- -Wychowawcza „Wiosna” w Krzydlinie Małej

Complex Care and Education Centre “Wiosna” in Krzydlina Mała

The jury has appreciated the clever text, the professional recording, the high quality of performance, and the effort put into the work. Facebook users were also impressed, and their votes paved the way for Kuźnia Raciborska to become a safer place to live.
“We are very proud to have been recognised among the submissions sent by the child care homes across Poland. We would like to thank all who have made our win possible by casting their votes on Facebook; we would like to thank the jury for the recognition and the high score they have given us”, the entrants from Kuźnia Raciborska say on their website. The prize was installed by Dom Clar, Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Lulemino – A cinematic masterpiece

Lulemino is a small town in Słupsk Poviat, inhabited by nearly 100 people. Eight children have found their home in Lulemino under the custody of Mr and Mrs Sadowski, who manage a Family Care and Education Centre “Gniazdo Rodzinne”. What the Sadowski family wants to build for their charges is a home full of love, and a home that is safe above all.
“Make the Dream of Security Come True” was a perfect opportunity for “Gniazdo Rodzinne” to win a method to better protect the children under its care, and an opportunity for the children to present their artistic potential. Among the children is a truly talented film-maker.

Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza w Kuźni Raciborskiej

Child Care and Education Centre in Kuźnia Raciborska

“We were very happy to find out that we could make a film to enter the competition. We believed that creativity was something we could definitely show. The production was a source of great joy for the children, and helped them build confidence in their abilities”, says Andrzej Sadowski, Head of the Lulemino Centre.
The film about “Gniazdo Rodzinne”, a joint work of the children and their guardians, has won the hearts of Facebook users and the jury. Professional camera work done by one of the children, an intriguing script and editing have created a unique tale, where emotions play an important role. The next instalment to this story will be written by WIŚNIOWSKI, which will equip the children’s home with a safe gate and a fence. The prize was installed by Pantera, Kobylnica.

Miąsowa – A comic book hero

ily-oriented education institution that won the competition. The centre cares for six children. Still, that number of children in care was not what mattered. Together with their guardian, the children have proven that commitment and creativity can deliver a huge success.
The entrants prepared a comic book with a rhymed narrative that tells the history of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand. The jury were astonished by the precise knowledge of the origins of the company. The creative concept and the original idea were also praiseworthy.

“We were very emotional about the competition. Once we had received the call to enter, we went into a full mobilization mode. An automatic gate was our dream. Working together, we wrote a poem about Mr Wiśniowski, and the work was prepared by the whole family. We have asked all our friends and the local school to vote. On St. Nicholas’ Day, the Santa came and announced that we had won. We were all so happy!”, says Alina Grabalska, Head of the Child Care and Education Centre. The prize was installed by WOLBUD, Kielce.

Nowy Sącz – All hands on deck!

The Special Care and Education Centre in Nowy Sącz educates 400 pupils with development disorders. There are many more people linked to the facility. The facility is supported by the parents of the children and many friends of the Centre who help build a proper learning environment. There is much work to be done; the building is ageing and needs a makeover. Soon, the Centre will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza w Miąsowej

Child Care and Education Centre in Miąsowa

was an ideal opportunity to organise a grand gift for this important jubilee. No wonder that the pupils and their tutors committed themselves with passion to their submission. The host of friends of the Centre was mobilised too. Facebook fans from across Europe voted for the video submitted by the Nowy Sącz Centre. Their work was ranked first online.

The fruit of this highly mobilized work was also acknowledged by the jury and the Nowy Sącz Centre became one of the eleven winners. The new WIŚNIOWSKI fence will be in place before the 50th anniversary celebrations. The prize was installed by Podhale, Nowy Sącz.

Pleszew – At the best of all moments

Dom Dziecka w Pleszewie pod swoją opieką ma 30 wychowanków. Placówkę przystosowano tak, by jak najlepiej przygotować ich do samodzielnego życia i zapewnić im bezpieczne dzieciństwo. Ten drugi aspekt w ostatnim czasie mógł spędzać sen z powiek wychowawcom, gdyż ogrodzenie domu znajdowało się w coraz większej rozsypce. Remont okazał się niezbędny.

Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy w Nowym Sączu

Special Care and Educational Centre in Nowy Sącz

The Child Care Centre in Pleszew takes care of 30 children. The facility has been adapted to prepare the charges to become self-reliant and provide them with a safe childhood. The latter issue could have well troubled the tutors, because of the fence that was in falling into disrepair. Repairs were in great demand indeed.

“Make the Dream of Security Come True” was a real help in need, because we were desperately thin on funds to repair the fence. When we learned about the proposal to enter the competition, we asked the kids to be creative, and in a funny way. The effects were beyond our wildest dreams!”, says Jerzy Wiśniewski, Head of the Child Care Centre in Pleszew.
Not only the management was astonished with the creative idea of the children. Together with their tutors, they used a fairytale convention to tell a cinematic tale about their centre. The film demonstrated how badly a new fence was needed to help the tutors care for the children and for their safety. The tale was highly acclaimed by Facebook voters and the jury, which awarded the Pleszew centre one of the prizes. Thanks to the winning entry, the issue of the run-down fence will soon be a thing of the past.
“The award will solve many problems we have. We are really glad that businesses still exist which remember about the children in need”, Jerzy Wiśniewski adds. The prize was installed by CEZAB, Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Skopanie – Precision and inventiveness

There were multiple runner-ups the creativity and commitment of which surprised the jury. The children at the Child Care Centre in Skopanie became one of the winners by excelling with their idea and the effort put into the submitted work. They decided to blend a variety of forms of art to convince the jury that their home deserves a new, safe fence.

Dom Dziecka w Pleszewie

Child Care Centre in Pleszew

The children at Skopanie built a model of their entire facility, rendered in painstaking detail. The impressive miniature helped make a film in which the narrator tells a rhymed story of the inhabitants of the Child Care Centre in Skopanie. The film quickly won the hearts of Facebook fans. The creativity and hard work of the children was appreciated by the jury and won the Centre a prize.
“I am utterly impressed by the competition and I’d like to congratulate its creators on the idea. The kids got engaged in filming and building the model from the very beginning. A lot of friends of the Centre have shown great support by sharing the competition website link on their Facebook profiles, and that is why we have received so many votes. All we have to do now is to wait for the prize to be delivered”, says Damian Szwagierczak, Head of the Children Care Centre in Skopanie.

Almost there…

The notice for the winners was delivered by Santa Claus himself, who visited the WIŚNIOWSKI head office on his name day. The winning Centres were visited by WIŚNIOWSKI’s representatives who handed over the symbolic winner’s certificates. We did not forget about all other entrants. Each centre who had prepared and submitted their work received sweets as gifts. WIŚNIOWSKI has handed out nearly one ton of sweets.

Centrum Opieki nad Dzieckiem w Skopaniu

Children Care Centre in Skopanie

This is only the beginning of our campaign. The measurements, survey work and pre-installation at all the winning facilities took the entire month of March. According to the submitted orders, the winners will receive a total of 3 garage doors, nearly 10 sets of doors, and over 1000 m of fences with gates and wickets. The overall value of the prizes will be PLN 330 thousand.
The prizes will be installed by partners of WIŚNIOWSKI who have decided to charitably support our campaign.
“We are happy about the commitment of our partners who wanted to give something to their communities. This yet again shows a major aspect of our competition: integration. It is very inspiring to see so many take part with such enthusiasm. Together we will make dream of security come true”, concludes Katarzyna Świderska, Marketing Director at WIŚNIOWSKI.

Author: Justyna Kowalczyk