Together we make dreams come true


Nearly 600 metres of fence with entry gates and wickets, 6 entrance and technical doors, and, most importantly, hundreds of happy children. This is the most important summary of the first edition of our campaign called “Make the Dream about Security Come True” or “Spełnij Marzenie o Bezpieczeństwie” in Polish. Together with its sales partners [...]

Sądeckie is our future


Who are the inhabitants of the Sądeckie region, and how did their character affect their trade of choice? What challenges will WIŚNIOWSKI face? Is Andrzej Wiśniowski planning to move the company abroad? Or rather expand the business where it is now? Krystyna Baran, President of the Management Board of WIŚNIOWSKI, answers these questions.

Football connects people


Sport and business have been linked for decades. It is hard to imagine a sport team or an athlete winning in international competitions without the aid of a sponsor. It is also difficult to find a businessman who would not appreciate the benefits of having his brand promoted in sports.

Make the Dream of Security Come


Thousands of children in Poland spend many years in child care and education centres. Although every child has specific needs and cravings, what they need most of all is love and security to help them enter adulthood with confidence. WIŚNIOWSKI has decided to make this dream come true, if only partially.

Exports an opportunity and condition for development


The development of a company's exports can be brought down to one simple goal - increasing its sales. However, execution of a multidimensional strategy to conquer foreign markets involves many changes throughout the operational model of a company. The consequences of such decision are multifaceted. What else, apart from increase in sales, does WIŚNIOWSKI get by deciding to export?

Development is a continuing process


On the recipe for success in a demanding market, the systems and procedures connected with management, as well as our quality policy - an interview with Elżbieta Durlak, Director of Development and Improvement, Representative for the Integrated Management System at WIŚNIOWSKI.

We respond to market needs


On the use of modern technologies in the production process and on sources of inspiration for creating new projects - an interview with Dariusz Złocki, Director of the Design Studio at WIŚNIOWSKI.

Brand supported by principles of ethics


Ethics in business is a widely discussed topic in various contexts. It has been dealt with by philosophers and economists, and sometimes it has been employed by marketing and brand specialists. There are those who under the pretence of ethics hide calculation and a ruthless fight for profit. At WIŚNIOWSKI ethics means honesty, respect and partnership.

Brand built from scratch


The WIŚNIOWSKI brand is a perfect example of how to reasonably manage the capital to give a real competitive advantage. The WIŚNIOWSKI brand is highly appreciated by the customers. However, all that began 25 years ago.

Direction Europe – A business task and a great adventure


On the meaning of exports in the development plans of WIŚNIOWSKI and the direction of changes dictated by exports, as well as on strategies which give access to sweeping new markets - Krystyna Baran, President of the Management Board at WIŚNIOWSKI. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "the company's [...]