WIŚNIOWSKI at cinemas with “Cookie for a stranger”

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The WIŚNIOWSKI brand has started a promotional campaign at cinemas, in which it shows gratitude to customers for selecting its products. The campaign refers to the “Let’s Save Little Hearts” campaign which supports the Cardiosurgery Center at the Children's University Hospital in the Prokocim district in Kraków. The latest spot can be enjoyed on the screens of repertory cinemas around Poland.

WIŚNIOWSKI helping save little hearts

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By staying true to its corporate social responsibility strategy, WIŚNIOWSKI has undertaken a number of social initiatives. Our most recent endeavour is the “Let's Save Little Hearts” campaign to help the youngest patients of the Cardiosurgery Center at the Children's University Hospital in Kraków by supporting the Schola Cordis foundation.

Socially responsible business – as illustrated by the example of a Polish company

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A brand with 30 years of experience in the market, with a 100% Polish capital, which manufactures the most technologically advanced garage doors, gates, doors, and fences under the WIŚNIOWSKI brand name in the south of Poland. The last name of the founder and owner of the company not only guarantees quality, but is also a personal assurance of responsibility for over 1,700 employees, their families, and millions of users of the brand’s products around the world.

Together we make dreams come true


Nearly 600 metres of fence with entry gates and wickets, 6 entrance and technical doors, and, most importantly, hundreds of happy children. This is the most important summary of the first edition of our campaign called “Make the Dream about Security Come True” or “Spełnij Marzenie o Bezpieczeństwie” in Polish. Together with its sales partners [...]