Has worked in the construction industry and for the WIŚNIOWSKI brand for 19 years. She has built the Marketing Department from scratch, unlocking new opportunities for the company. She initiated and directed the WIŚNIOWSKI rebranding process to emphasise its prestige and industry leadership. Now, she has become a leader herself. Katarzyna Świderska, Marketing Director at WIŚNIOWSKI, has received the title of the Best of the Best in the poll for the Women of the Joinery Sector organized by Informator Branżowy “Stolarka VIP”.

The construction industry is viewed to be a male-dominated world. However, women have been exploring it in increasing numbers. This adds a new touch to the industry and opens up new horizons. The women of the construction industry inspire change, motivate, and make key decisions. This is recognised by Informator Branżowy “Stolarka VIP”, and its team has decided to hold the poll for the Women of the Joinery Sector to award the irreplaceable women in the industry.

This year’s nominations went to more than 35 women who hold key positions at construction companies. The preliminary qualification advanced 5 women to the finals, and their candidacies were verified with online votes. Most voices were cast for Katarzyna Świderska, Marketing Director at WIŚNIOWSKI.

“This recognition is extremely important to me, especially that I’ve entered my 20th year of work in the construction industry, a field where the presence of women had not been as obvious for years as it is now. I would like to dedicate this award to all my female colleagues who build the success of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand”, Katarzyna Świderska announced.

The Best of the Best statuettes were awarded on 25 February at Castle Gniew, during the 12th Stolarka VIP Convention. The awards were handed out by Grzegorz Cendrowski, the head of the Convention organisation committee.

“Not much has been said about women who work in our industry. Our business is male-dominated; but women play an important role in it. We have decided to break the pattern and highlight the women who mean a lot and will mean even more in the future”, Grzegorz Cendrowski concludes.