Safety is key in the building sector. Each project should be made using certified materials of the highest quality, because only these ensure safety, as well as burglary protection and fire protection for their users. WIŚNIOWSKI’s steel and aluminium joinery is a choice that lets investors, both in residential and industrial buildings, rest easy.

Home is a safe haven of every family. For this reason alone, the joinery used in its construction should ensure the highest standard of safety. CREO external aluminium doors by WIŚNIOWSKI guarantee just that. Now also available in the RC2 and RC3 anti-burglary version, they not only offer attractive design, but also the highest level of safety. A three-point lock, both in the automatic and motorized version, anti-burglary bolts, anti-burglary glass, and multiple additional reinforcing elements constitute a strong barrier for burglars. CREO doors have been certified as RC2 and RC3 class in the tests carried out by IFT Rosenheim – the largest test laboratory in Europe. The class also applies to doors with sidelights, which makes the CREO door one of the most functional solutions available in the market with the maximum dimensions of the entire structure of up to 3,400×3,500 mm.
We offer numerous additional safeguards dedicated to CREO doors. Modern fingerprint scanners, SmartTouch, proximity readers, Bluetooth or code keypad, as well as a video door-phone guarantee that the home will stay secured against unwanted guests. Moreover, thanks to the smartCONNECTED system, CREO doors can be connected with the smart home system to enable home access control via a smartphone from any place in the world.
But it is not all about safety. Protection against heat loss is equally important, especially in energy efficient buildings. The thermal transmittance factor of the joinery determines the amount of energy that will be consumed to heat the house. CREO doors were designed with the purpose of meeting the stringiest demands. The special construction of the door, which uses four-chamber aluminium sections with a thermal barrier and the CREO Bond mat, as well as the gasket system make it possible to achieve the U thermal transmittance factor of as low as 0.8 W/(m2K). Furthermore, thanks to our cooperation with Stropex, CREO doors will soon receive a BRI-tested, thermally insulated threshold section as a component of the joinery mounting system in energy efficient and passive buildings.
When discussing heat loss protection, it is important to remember that in order for the door to meet all of its parameters, it has to be installed in a way ensuring the door’s connection with a wall providing parameters no lower than those of the door. Properly insulated installation is a crucial element when erecting a house. With this in mind, WIŚNIOWSKI partnered up with the Magnum Group, whose online shop providing elements for thermally insulated installations makes it possible to professionally select all the elements for the installation of CREO doors in all types of walls in which they can be mounted.

Residential door – which one to choose?

IMG_8705-retusz_optThe choice of the entrance door is an important moment when building a house. Its appearance and style yields character to the entire front of the building, but this should not be the only point on the agenda when making a choice. First of all, let us consider the thermal transmittance factor Ud, which is a crucial parameter for energy efficient buildings ensuring improved energy economy of the entire building. The lower the factor, the smaller the heat losses. Sound reduction is equally important, it is expressed in decibels as the Rw index. The higher the sound reduction index is, the lower the amount of noise that gets inside. Doors should also constitute the best protection against burglary. The class of anti-burglary doors describes the quality of their construction, as well as of their multi-point locks and hardware. When doors are glazed, the glass pane should also show high burglar resistance. To be able to enjoy protection for a long time, it is crucial to make sure that the door manufacturer offers a long-term warranty.
It should also be remembered that if the entire joinery is purchased from a single manufacturer, it will be much easier to match all the elements in terms of colour and design with the elevation of the house.

Alina Kempny
Product Manager
Steel and Aluminium Joinery

Multiple security devices in investment projects

Manufacturing and service buildings require a specialist approach to the issue of safety. In multiple apartment, public, and industrial projects, protection of the users’ lives and health is of paramount importance. This is why the joinery for such buildings should be characterized by top quality workmanship and fire parameters, such as fire-rating and smoke control. And if you add burglary protection to the above parameters, you get the perfect product.
The MultiSecure EI30 door by WIŚNIOWSKI is just that. The only technical door in the market to combine all the essential qualities of functional joinery. EI 30 fire resistance is ensured by a high-density mineral wool infill, while the three-point automatic lock with an anti-burglary cylinder and three ant-burglary bolts securing the door against the removal of the door leaf or being prised open provide RC2 (outswing doors) and RC3 (inswing doors) burglar resistance class in accordance with PN-EN 1627:2012. The doors are also certified as class 6 of resistance to repeated opening and closing (200,000 cycles) in accordance with PN-EN 14600:2009. Additionally, the MultiSecure EI30 doors can have smoke control characteristics in accordance with PN-EN 13501-2+A1:2010 for the Sa and Sm class.
A wide range of RAL and mat structure colours and film coatings, as well as a broad selection of options and accessories improving the comfort of use, such as various types of door frames, glazing, spyholes, electric locks, access control systems, and panic hardware allows users to precisely match the MultiSecure doors to their needs. Hence, these doors can also be a perfect solution for apartments located in multi-family residential buildings as steel doors with a robust and durable structure, resistant to mechanical damage – the stairwell door.

Joinery for industrial buildings

Robert_Mastalski_Mened_optThe main purpose of joinery for industrial, public, as well as commercial and service buildings is to ensure functional and safe passageways. Buildings of this type require products of the highest quality that comply with the requirements of the construction law and retain their properties for a long time.
When we design steel and aluminium joinery products at WIŚNIOWSKI, we choose solutions adapted to a wide range of buildings and focus on additional parameters that the doors should meet, such as fire resistance, smoke control, burglar resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, and evacuation capability. Additionally, a wide range of optional accessories lets us tailor the products to the needs of the most demanding customers.

Robert Mastalski
Product Manager
Steel and Aluminium Joinery

More light without concerns

Large glazing has become very popular in the design of functional buildings. Solutions like these provide more natural light, make the space seem bigger, and give a modern character to the building. But all these advantages should not interfere with the protection qualities offered to the users of the building. This is why the MB 70 and MB 86 external aluminium doors by WIŚNIOWSKI received the RC3 burglar resistance class.
The MB 70 and MB 86 external aluminium doors are a perfect solution for hotels, apartments, offices, public buildings, and even multi-family residential buildings. Their design is based on the modern system of durable aluminium profiles ensuring high thermal insulation. Anti-burglary doors are built using several profiles: MB-70, MB-70HI, and MB-86 (available in three versions: MB-86 ST, MB-86 Si, MB-86 Aero). These profiles differ in the thermal insulation level that they provide. This allows us to also match the solution to the requirements related to the thermal insulation of the building.
The doors are equipped with: a three-point lock with an anti-burglary lock cylinder with the highest mechanical protection class, hardware meeting the stringiest requirements of the RC3 burglar resistance class, anti-burglary glass, and three anti-burglary bolts. The high durability and strength of the profiles enables the manufacture of doors with large dimensions and weight. The infill in both models includes a double chamber glass, optionally available partly sanded or with a reinforced panel.
External aluminium doors are perfectly complemented by the ArtGlass all-glass internal doors with the door leaf made of tempered or laminated safety glass and the frame made of powder coated steel sections or stainless steel sections. They can be a functional decoration of any interior, including office areas. All-glass doors can also be incorporated into partition walls. Various versions and a complete range of finishes provide countless possibilities for designing all-glass doors and adapting them to the building design. The glass leaf can be clear or decorated by sanding, engraving, enamel-coating or lamination. Currently, 25 designs are available with another 10 coming soon.

By: Justyna Kowalczyk