The five-star HERON LIVE HOTEL is a new place among Polish luxurious leisure resorts. It is the result of putting a dream to provide the highest level of comfort of leisure into practice, but mostly its establishment is connected with a fascination with the area around Lake Rożnów and a vision to revitalize one of the most picturesque landscapes of Sądecka Land.

While constructing the first automatically opened garage doors its creator, Andrzej Wiśniowski, thought mostly about providing their users with convenience. Back then it was the possibility to open the garage with just one click of the remote control. In the course of 25 years his company developed the production of durable, modern and comfortable solutions for the home, which today are some of the most recognizable and dynamically improving ones. Andrzej Wiśniowski connected his production company with the region, similarly as his another investment: the modern Heron Hotel, whose establishment is a further part of the story on dreams that came true… dreams of the crystal clear water of the lake and satisfied visitors who, by relaxing in such a beautiful place, will come back no matter the season.
The fascination with this unique place, which is the Rożnowskie foothills, is expressed in the very name of the Hotel – Heron. There is no reference to mythology or ancient symbols. Heron is a kind of bird which took a liking to Monkey Island, located on Lake Rożnów, and the species gathers there, forming an inseparable element of the landscape. Also the name of Monkey Island is connected with the herons, whose sounds resemble those made by monkeys. Its distinctive, noble silhouette, while flying, is a symbol of a new hotel brand while being, at the same time, the pride of the region.
HERON live Hotel is picturesquely blended with the lake and forests of the Rożnowskie foothills. Inspired by Paris classics, the form of the hotel fits perfectly the landscape and its architecture resembles old and modern mansions located around the lake. The harmony and symmetry of the building is underlined by the large, fully glazed bay windows and modern details.
The hotel has 80 conveniently equipped rooms which entrance guests who understated elegance and original interiors. The dominant colours are earth tones and noble, natural materials. The top floor holds 5 apartments for our guests. Each of them has its own, individual character yet they all have one thing in common – large, glazed windows overlooking Lake Rożnów and the forests surrounding the hotel.
The building has eight floors, including three underground ones. Each offers what is the most essential for guests – unique experiences. The recreation and “Senses” SPA zone, where guests can try out eight treatment rooms, swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, a set of saunas and a lounge, resembles saline graduation towers and salt therapy chambers. HERON Hotel perfectly emphasises the qualities offered by the landscape. Outside there is an “infinity pool”, an open swimming pool with one wall built of glass, which visually blends with the surface of the lake. It is probably the only such facility in Poland. The guests can also enjoy themselves in the evening and at night thanks to the “Hangar” two-storey music club which not only by its name but also by its interior design resembles an aircraft hangar.


Relish yourself

HERON hotel boasts one of the best cuisines in the region, taking its guests for a journey around the world of flavours. The finest dishes are served in three restaurants.
The main and the most important restaurant is located on the ground floor. It serves dishes from all over the world but the connoisseurs may notice that its menu also contains dishes based on regional products, the pride of Sądecka Land.

At the “Sky BAR” restaurant, on the fourth floor, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine, especially sushi prepared by the cook before the guests’ eyes. The attraction of “Sky BAR” is definitely its terrace. Due to the three glazed walls the guests can take in the amazing and picturesque view of Lake Rożnów, Monkey Island and the forests surrounding the hotel. Direct communing with nature around the hotel can be achieved due to the “Yacht Club Marina” restaurant, located at the lake level. At the “Yacht Club Marina” you can treat yourself with sophisticated dishes transfixing you with their simplicity. The restaurant’s menu included fresh fish, grilled meat, salads and pastas. At the hotel there is also a place for a barbecue in the open air. A canopied space provides comfortable dining in all weather conditions.
The hotel attractions are prepared for the whole year round. This extensive strategy of the hotel’s operation, which allows taking advantage of various activities no matter the season, fits perfectly the revitalisation plans of the area surrounding the lake. One of its main aspects is economic revival, by creating almost 70 jobs and development of cooperation with regional service and product providers. The employment offer in the region, where since the times of the transformation of the political system no new enterprise has been set up, is a big step towards social development, and at the same time, preventing pathologies being the result of high unemployment rates. It is also a chance for the young generation who, without any outlooks for the future, leave the region and move to bigger cities.
It needs to be emphasised that the hotel is not just a building but, to a great extent, a developed infrastructure and spatial system due to which an area of 1.1 hectares directly neighbouring the lake was modernized. The area was developed in such a way to take advantage of all aspects of the natural environment. Some good examples include a pier on the lake suitable for docking boats, or amazing the walking routes.

The area around Lake Rożnów is not just water and forests but it is also a region with a vast potential. By using its location and natural topography, it has an opportunity to spread its wings and become one of the top tourist destinations in Poland. HERON Hotel is the first step towards the positioning of Lake Rożnów as a brand. It’s an impulse for further actions to be taken in order to prevent environmental degradation, to achieve economic and cultural revival and to increase the attractiveness of investing in the region.

Andrzej Wiśniowski
founder and owner of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand


LIVE HOTEL is a philosophy of participating in events with all your senses, it’s a wild adventure, creating dishes in front of the guests, enjoying live music and other activities engaging us here and now – the real world as a distraction from virtual routines.


This restaurant is our gem. It distinguishes itself with an kitchen area of 600 m2 visible to the guests. Through the glass you can observe how the dishes are prepared. The guests can also enter the kitchen premises and select, for instance, the finest piece of veal, which then will be used to prepare a steak for them.

Michał Kumala




Text: Justyna Sobolak