Conferences for hundreds of attendants, integration events, contract negotiations in small and closed circles of experts, or workshops for contractors – these are typical business events held at hotels. Event organisers select hotels as their venues considering the criteria of location and the hotel’s membership in large commercial chains. However, a choice that is obvious at first glance is not always so. If you want to deliver a memorable experience, the best level of comfort, and a host of splendid attractions, you should find a venue with that certain “something”. Heron Live Hotel is definitely one such venue.

Heron Live Hotel is an exceptional place primarily because of the combination of the elements of nature in its vicinity: the nearby mountains, the majestic woods, and the soothing power of water. This five-star majestic hotel venue sits harmoniously within the landscape of Rożnowskie Lake in the Dunajec Valley. The hotel is located close to the famous mountain resorts (Krynica-Zdrój, Szczawnica, and Piwniczna), ten odd kilometres from Nowy Sącz, and 100 kilometres form the Kraków Balice Airport. This hotel complex has much to offer to many types of guests. The venue can accommodate individuals and groups, but its prime focus is on business guests, so the hotel primarily addresses its offer to B2B and B2C event hosts. The place offers 77 luxurious Comfort, Comfort Plus and Comfort Lux rooms, 3 spacious apartments, and a splendid penthouse with an astonishing view of the lake. All of this comes with a very modern design which tastefully combines the classic look with elegance.


A top-level conference

Heron Live Hotel can host a conference for over 500 attendees. The place hosts the most important events in the automotive, pharmaceutical and IT industries, along with integration events. The two storeys of the hotel house 4 spacious conference rooms, which can be divided into 9 smaller spaces, and a spacious exhibition floor. Each conference room has climate control and the latest in multimedia and audio equipment. Proper operation of these facilities is ensured by an extremely proficient service support. The view of the mountain lake behind the panoramic window is simply otherworldly. The window can be covered with blinds in an instant, if need be, to cut off the sunlight and to project films. Heron Live Hotel can customize its conference rooms on order: theatre, workshop or banquet arrangements are always available. Conference organizers and attendees can enjoy a wide selection of various coffee break options and exquisite lunch menus, served at tables or as a buffet choice, and cooked by the chefs from one of the three restaurants operated by the hotel. It is up to the organisers which restaurant they decide to choose.

A culinary feast

Each of the three restaurants at Heron has its own character and approach to cuisine. Marina Restaurant is the centrepiece of the hotel. It is dedicated to connoisseurs of fine cuisine that enchants with its simplicity and refined taste. The restaurant is a welcoming place with a unique atmosphere. The Marina Restaurant is on the bottom floor of Heron Live Hotel and has direct access to the local marina. The view from the restaurant’s patio is very much like something found in the French Riviera. The Marina Restaurant is the place of choice for a business lunch or an exquisite evening meal. It can accommodate 80 guests at a time.

Sienna 104 is a unique dining spot where all meals are cooked in plain view of the guests. The live cooking philosophy stems from the conviction that eating is not the only fascinating part of nutrition; the creation of dishes is also worth witnessing. Live cooking is a true culinary show, performed by top chefs and confectioners, never failing to impress the guests. The meals served at Sienna 104 are made with fresh seasonal products, while the refined menu is always under the close scrutiny of Krzysztof Małocha, the head chef. The restaurant can accommodate 60 people, with 12 more in the adjacent VIP room.

hotel-heron-spa-1A pleasant surprise, a fresh breath of the Orient, or a surprising feast of flavours – these are just some reviews from the guests who dined at the Sky Bar. Located at the top floor of the hotel and 35 metres above the lake’s surface, the restaurant provides not only a splendid view, but also the finest in Asian cuisine. It is a perfect place to host corporate integration events. The guests can discover the flavours of the Far East and even prepare dishes themselves during the workshops organised under the watchful eye of Łukasz Mroziński, an accomplished sushi master. Sky Bar can accommodate as many as 30 guests.

Entertainment, relaxation and recreation

An undisputed added value of the hotel’s services directed at business clients are its sports, recreational and entertainment facilities. Club Hangar at Heron Live Hotel is where entertainment meets art. This venue has many faces. A great variety of thematic events can transform the Hangar into a music club, a bar, a concert hall, a theatre, or even a cinema. Furnished with the best in lighting and sound systems, Club Hangar also has a glass-walled VIP Room, overlooking the entire club floor and fitted with its own light and audio systems, complemented by a drink bar and a large TV set. The VIP Room can accommodate 20 guests.

Live SPA is situated right next to the lake. The leitmotif here is the symbiosis with nature and the enjoyment of harmony and relaxation that comes with it. Live SPA has eight treatment rooms with the latest in health and beauty, including a comprehensive range of beauty treatments, relaxing baths, massages and fitness training. Business guests can enjoy SPA packages or vouchers, which can be used at any time of convenience.
hotel-heron-spa-14Heron Live Hotel is where you can also organise a great number of other attractions to make the stay of business guests even more enjoyable. The Rożnowskie Lake has much to offer in this regard. A cruise around the lake, regattas or events at the Grill Hut right on the lake shore are just a few of the many opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. The hotel has its own marina to moor a boat or a yacht. As for the attractions held indoors, there are wine tasting sessions hosted by the hotel’s sommelier, barista events, snooker games, or even Playstation gaming. The guests can enjoy the outdoor Infinity Pool, an indoor pool, and two jacuzzi baths, one inside and one outside the hotel. Also, amateurs of sauna are sure to find something for themselves at Heron Live Hotel. The sauna complex includes a dry (Finnish) sauna, a steam bath, an aroma sauna, and an advanced infra-red sauna. The fitness room, complete with the latest and the best in cardio training machines, will surely cater to the needs of all those who love to keep fit.


Heron Live Hotel is an ideal location for a business event. Why? Everyone invited will leave the hotel full of positive energy, unforgettable experiences and in a good mood.

Author: Jolanta Gawryś