WIŚNIOWSKI and Somfy have been distinguished by the board of the TOPBuilder 2017 competition organized by the “Builder” monthly. It is one
of the most prestigious awards in the Polish building market, and this year
it was awarded for the first effective co-branding action in the Polish industry.

top_builder_WIŚNIOWSKI_2016Since 2009, the “Builder” monthly has been organising a competition in which it awards prizes to building projects that feature modern architectural, design, material, and technological solutions, among others. The prize is awarded each year by the Competition Board composed of the representatives of the Programme and Scientific Board, leading technological universities, and prominent business organizations.
This year, an exceptional thing happened. Two companies – WIŚNIOWSKI and Somfy – were awarded at the same time for successful cooperation which is an example of the most extensive co-branding, called complementary competence co-branding.
“Prestigious brands partner up all over the world. This approach provides multidimensional and notable benefits. The cooperation between WIŚNIOWSKI and Somfy is no different. We are very pleased that our exceptional and trailblazing project introduced to the Polish market gained appreciation of the Board. It is a confirmation of the fact that as a market leader, we are setting the right direction for development,” says Marcin Strzelec, Manager of the Garage Doors, Industrial Doors, Joinery and Automatic Operating Units Product Group at WIŚNIOWSKI.
The vision shared by both companies to create products that ensure safety, comfort and simple operation at the same time gave rise to a new quality of garage door drives – the METRO drive. It combines the Somfy’s proven technology with an exceptional housing designed in line with WIŚNIOWSKI’s stylistic standards. The product combines exceptional technical parameters and a timeless housing. The statuette was accepted by Marcin Strzelec on behalf of WIŚNIOWSKI during a gala event which took place on 8 December 2016.
“We are grateful that the effect of our cooperation was rewarded – the METRO drive unit is a breakthrough product for the industry, not only thanks to the precisely engineered drive unit with its universal style, but primarily the synergy of these two strong brands. It is a considerable distinction for us, driving us to bring out more innovative projects,” said Radosław Borkowski, Executive Managing Director at Somfy Sp. z o.o.

By: Marta Pronobis