WIŚNIOWSKI received the prestigious titles of the Construction Business of the Year 2015 and the Industry’s Personality at the 13th Builder Awards Gala. The Program Council of the Builder Magazine has recognised the dynamic growth and market position of WIŚNIOWSKI, along with the effective building of competitive advantage and potential.

WIŚNIOWSKI has been implementing an innovative vision of the Polish construction industry for over 26 years. WIŚNIOWSKI is a dynamically growing leader in the industry and manufactures hundreds of thousands of articles for domestic and foreign customers. The characteristic features of WIŚNIOWSKI are quality, design and safety combined with innovative technical solutions. The four aspects which are at the core of WIŚNIOWSKI’s operations have become the distinctive feature of the brand in Poland and an increasingly recognised advantage on the European markets.
Over quarter of a century ago, Andrzej Wiśniowski, the owner and founder of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand, has begun putting his very own strategy of industrial growth into practice. He created his first designs in his garage at home. Now he is an employer to nearly 1500 people, including expert engineers, designers, constructors, and product managers, and continues to gradually reinvent the Polish construction industry.

The 13th Builder Award Gala has reaffirmed the industry-leading position of WIŚNIOWSKI and its effective strategy of growth under the direction of the founder, Andrzej Wiśniowski. The editorial staff of the prestigious Builder Magazine and the publisher’s Program Council have awarded the following titles in recognition of the achievements, respectively: The Construction Business of the Year 2015 and the Industry’s Personality. The titles were awarded during the Gala held on 18 February in the presence of numerous guests, the representatives of the largest industry enterprises, business, politics, media, and technical universities. The prizes were received on behalf of WIŚNIOWSKI by Leszek Piotrowski, Regional Sales Representative.

“I would have liked to have said that the previous year favoured the construction business. However, each new year brings both opportunities and challenges to our industry. We have been facing problems for years. There are some entities, however, who have managed to tackle them and become leaders in the market. These are entities awarded by Builder”, said Marek Zdziebłowski, Publisher in Chief of the Builder Magazine at the 13th Builder Awards Gala.