Safety, one of the hottest topics in every industry sector today. It is important to understand that safety largely depends on us. Our decisions, choices and actions determine the level of safety. Stimulating user’s sense of security in a conscious way is our social responsibility.

The reaction time matters

Industrial sliding gates are fencing components that must work swiftly and quickly. They also need to be safe to users. The reaction time to the obstacles within the gate clear width is critical and determines the effects of its delay. The faster a gate reacts to those hazards, the more likely we are to prevent any damage from taking place. To achieve the shortest time to stop or reverse a gate (depending on the programmed reaction type), WIŚNIOWSKI introduces a modified range of safety edge strips for specific drive units and operating conditions. The optimised product selection will greatly improve the safety level of industrial fence automatic operating units.
The ordering options of power driven gates have also been changed. The sliding doors will still be available with the Automatik and Totmann automation solutions.
Depending on the gate size, the Automatik version will be on offer with three or five safety edge strips and photocells. The gates with these accessories are activated with a remote control transmitter that ensures the required safety levels. Customer who order this version can rest assured that they have made the right choice. They do not need to worry about what they should include when placing their purchase order; the required essential safety level is already guaranteed with the Automatik version.
The Totmann gates are available without the safety edge strips. The control of a Totmann gate is only possible with key-operated switches installed on the gate control box. This way, the gate leaf will only move as long as the key is held turned in the switch. This enables the gate operator to control the closure of the gate and its vicinity.

V-KING in a new size

The V-KING high-speed gate is not simply about reliable and safe operation any more; the extended size range has now increased its application potential. V-KING combines the benefits of an entry gate with a road barrier. With it, the user can easily control and verify who is cleared for entry. The gate design, the quality of materials, and the operating speed of up to 1 m/s are not the only advantages of this product. All the solutions used in the V-KING gates, both the leaf structure and articulated joints, meet strict safety standards. The gate features safety edge strips and photocells. There is more: this product performs well in the most severe operating conditions while keeping the traffic volume streamlined at perimeter entry points. We are currently working on increasing the available size range to 6 m in width and 4 m in height. That is why the V-KING will soon be able to satisfy an even wider base of customers. The larger versions of V-KING will be a perfect choice for underground garages, or wherever property security requires tall perimeter fences (e.g. military installations, power plants, airports, or harbours).


The all-rounder Garden

The Garden line is a new system of gates and wickets for a customized selection of fence components. Every customer who purchases from this product range can be confident that all the components will always match. The idea behind the Garden system is to enable purchasing separate components for stock and configure the specific installations at will. This unlocks a potential for customization, for instance, to install asymmetrical double-leaf gates without extensive lead times. There are two available colours, 7016 Ashen and 6005 Green, as well as a hot-dip zinc finish.
The Garden system comes with Locinox GMB 16 hinges that provide the opening range from 0 to 90°. The advantage of these hinges is that they can be set for opening in either direction. Simply cast the gate posts in place and install the catch grip and the lock according to the direction of the opening. There is nothing more convenient than to know that you can customise your solution as you please.

Welded mesh panels with a twist

The WIŚNIOWSKI welded mesh panels do not have to resemble sombre fences often found at uninviting industrial plants. You can also add visual value to you industrial sites by building fences in a gabion system. Dedicated both to industrial and residential premises, the solution surprises with its aesthetics and how easily it adapts to a site. The gabion system offers two post sizes: 50×100 mm and 50×120 mm. Both can carry the VEGA 2D and VEGA 2D Super flat panels, the choice is up to the buyer. The only difference is the panel height dedicated to each post size (with 1030-2030 mm for the 50×100 and 2430 mm maximum for the 50×120 posts). Another major advantage of the gabion system from WIŚNIOWSKI is its long-term reliability. The panel joining pins guarantee durability and protection against mechanical damage from the pressure of the stones contained in the system. Customers can be sure. that this solution provides high quality and durability. WIŚNIOWSKI also carries a range of stainless steel accessories for the installation of fence corners.


Aesthetics with performance

The WIŚNIOWSKI product range now includes the Gamma system, ball traps for fences, and the new corner accessories for the Delta, Sigma and ProSport posts.
The Gamma system is designed as a highly aesthetic and robust perimeter solution. There are no gaps between the fence panels and their posts; the fence forms a single solid face. The fitting accessories remain concealed in the stamped post profile to tie the panels without disrupting the overall visual effect. The posts are universal in use, which is another advantage of the system. The new system is compatible with the Vega B, Vega B Light, and Vega B Light II fence panels. It is available in RAL 6005 Green, RAL 7016 Ashen, RAL 9005 Black, and RAL 7030 Grey. The Gamma system can accommodate pre-cast concrete base panels to further enhance the aesthetic value of the installed fence. It is often used to complement residential fences for side and back perimeter lines.
The WIŚNIOWSKI range will also include ball traps, the solutions dedicated to sport and athletic grounds. The ball traps comprise the ProSport posts equipped with stays arranged in the shape of the letter F. The F-stays support the ball trap nets. Ball traps are important fence components in all locations exposed to frequent impact of high-speed ball serves, and protect the fence panels from mechanical damage.

There is no room for doubt

Krystian_Teresinski_menedzer_produktu_ogrodzenia_przemyslowe_WISNIOWSKI-(1)With each new product launch, WIŚNIOWSKI carefully maintains the offered security level on par with the reference standards and expectations of target markets. Although security and safety are priorities at the design stage, the products involved must also be functional, visually appealing and reliable. Thanks to our products, we provide you with comfort and convenience. The quality of WIŚNIOWSKI solutions is perfectly described by these qualities and leaves no room for doubt in the decision making process of the end users.

Krystian Teresiński
Product Manager Industrial Fences

This time, WIŚNIOWSKI has focused even more on the design and finish aesthetics. Installation accessories and top caps have now been introduced to the Omega, Beta, Delta, Sigma, Gamma, and Safe posts in RAL 6005, RAL 7016, RAL 7040 (for zinc plating), and RAL 9005. This facilitates building a fence using a single colour pattern. The range is further complemented with the corner accessories for the Delta, Sigma, and ProSport posts.

Expanding the Bastion system

ed in April with two new accessories, the Samson closer and a magnetic latch. The Samson closer is a perfect choice for automatic shutting of fence wickets. It is also an excellent solution for those customers who want to enhance access control in public buildings. The magnetic latch is an alternative to electromagnetic locks and helps operate the wicket lock from the guard posts inside the building. The convenience of these two new additions to the range is clear to see. Both the closer and the magnetic latch are premium-quality products from LOCINOX.

Author:  Elżbieta Solewska