Every automatic gate or door reseller wants to be sure that the offered product is safe and compliant with standards. The comfort and convenience offered by automatic industrial doors and gates is invaluable. But it is important to remember that each purchase should be preceded by well-thought-out decisions. Which gates or doors do we recommend, then, and what should be taken into consideration?

The automatic industrial doors and gates are currently the most common type out there. The functionality and comfort of use speak for themselves. Every user of an automatic industrial door or gate should bear in mind that it should meet the requirements of the safety standards. Such gate or door receives a CE mark once it undergoes detailed testing and is marketed as a safe gate or door which meets the requirements of directive no. 2006/42/EC and regulation no. RE 305/2011. How to make sure the product complies with such requirements? This can only be ensured by purchasing a complete door or gate with the automation process being performed directly by the manufacturer.
When manufacturing industrial automatic doors and gates, WIŚNIOWSKI takes care of each and every detail that influences the safety level of the product. The accessories used, such as photocells or safety edges, guarantee that the automatic door or gate is fully equipped, which is confirmed by the marking on the structural post of the product. Customers quite frequently decide to purchase a manually operated door or gate with a view to adding power operation, which rarely translates into maintaining the sufficient level of safety. According to the EN 12635 standard, a distributor modifying a manual door or gate by adding a drive unit is considered to be the person marketing the product. So the distributor becomes the manufacturer and is obliged to perform the appropriate tests confirming the door’s compliance with safety standards. The question remains whether distributors who perform such a service maintain and store proper documentation and the certificate of conformity.
WIŚNIOWSKI has taken care for many years now that its customers are offered products of both the highest quality and the highest safety standards in the world. As the manufacturer, we guarantee that we provide our customers with a complete and reliable product. Our products are fully compliant with the PN-EN 13241-1 harmonised standard. Thanks to this level of careful preparation, our automatic doors and gates are popular in demanding markets, such as: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, and the UK.

By: Elżbieta Solewska