WIŚNIOWSKI’s mission is to combine safety and comfort, while at the same time providing state-of-the-art solutions to its customers. Attention to detail and interesting design with the use of the highest quality materials has been the company’s objective for over 25 years. As a market leader, WIŚNIOWSKI gathers the best of the best around the company, and this is why we decided to partner up with Somfy to create a new flagship product together: the METRO drive.


Marcin Strzelec, Manager of the Garage Doors, Industrial Doors, Joinery and Automatic Operating Units Product Group, talks about the cooperation of the two strong brands.

Let us start at the beginning. What are the results of the cooperation between WIŚNIOWSKI and Somfy?

Good question. I am glad to say that the synergy of these two companies which complement each other brought an excellent result. In short, we managed to combine the best ideas of Polish and French engineers and designers in the METRO garage door drive unit. By relying on our completely separate experiences gained while developing previous drive models, we were able to achieve a new quality standard of the product. What connected us the most was the shared vision and philosophy, which makes the collaboration that much easier, especially in the international teams. Just like WIŚNIOWSKI, Somfy never ceases to improve its products. Working with people who are able to set ambitious goals and then take up the challenge is pure pleasure.

Did you seek inspiration in other companies when approaching Somfy or was it a spontaneous idea?

This type of cooperation does not happen often in Poland, but I believe this is about to change. As the example of numerous Western corporations shows, this sort of cooperation benefits both companies in the long run. Just think of BMW and SAMSUNG or LG and PRADA. From the marketing point of view, we are gaining a completely new group of purchasers, that is customers who have trusted one of the companies, but seeing the close cooperation between the two, they extend their trust to the other company as well. This, of course, works both ways, which is a textbook example of cross marketing. Initiatives like this one positively influence the brand and keep it fresh. The opportunity to work on a project like this is incredibly inspiring.

While on the subject, another question comes to mind: is the cooperation between WIŚNIOWSKI and Somfy aimed mainly at acquiring international customers?

I would rather say that the primary objective of this cooperation is to create products that are ready to take the market by storm – both the domestic and international one. Products perfect in every detail, products that customers can trust. It is no secret that WIŚNIOWSKI plans to increase its sales considerably in Western Europe in the next couple of years, and within this context, joining up with a renowned French brand is surely very beneficial. But the continuously growing export of our products is not the only reason we approached Somfy. It was more about the need to see how far ahead we can get with improvements to our products. I think that both companies have the same approach. We need to keep in mind that the WIŚNIOWSKI METRO powered by Somfy drive is a top of the line product selected only by well-informed and demanding customers. Our portfolio did include powerful garage door drives before, but striving for perfection is an integral part of our philosophy. If we want to grow, we need to seek inspiration outside our walls, and this is exactly
what the collaboration with the French engineers made possible. The resulting product is a technological work of art combined with unique design. And Somfy has gained a solid partner in WIŚNIOWSKI, a company placing emphasis on modern and appealing design of its products. Together, we were able to put a finishing touch to the project and as a result, the aesthetics of the drive reflects its technological quality.

Is design really this important for devices such as garage door drives? All in all, it is just a piece of garage equipment, not all that visible in day to day use.

This can be seen as an overstatement by some, but we hold a firm belief that beauty is in the detail. Mechanical parts of luxury cars feature emblems and engravings that no one can admire when driving. But the customer knows that the selected product was designed with utmost attention to detail and this is what defines its class. A person choosing this type of car will be equally pleased that each element of their garage, including the drive unit, was perfected in the slightest detail. If you put enough passion and dedication into creating a product, this product will reach new heights in terms of quality and authenticity. This principle is true in all aspects of human activity, not only in business.


As a global leader in automation and control systems, we implement innovative projects, going above and beyond the expectations of our customers. Reliability and durability are among the first characteristics of Somfy products. The company’s market success and leadership in its class stem from nearly 50 years of experience and consistent execution of challenging projects. The same can be said about WIŚNIOWSKI, both in the context of the Polish market and the potential which the brand brings to the European garage door and fence system market. The effect of our co-branding project – the METRO drive unit – is bound to be a breakthrough product for the industry not only thanks to the precisely engineered drive unit with its universal style, but primarily the synergy of these two strong brands.

Radosław Borkowski
Executive Managing Director
Board Member at Somfy