Ethics in business is a widely discussed topic in various contexts. It has been dealt with by philosophers and economists, and sometimes it has been employed by marketing and brand specialists. There are those who under the pretence of ethics hide calculation and a ruthless fight for profit. At WIŚNIOWSKI ethics means honesty, respect and partnership.

The customer comes first

The credo of the company is clear and brief: quality is the most important. The sale of goods is an agreement between a customer and a manufacturer, a contract which is binding. The product which reaches the recipient must be compliant with the agreement and meet the standards set by the best manufacturers. Investments in the production area along with design and technological solutions are to achieve a certain goal: to deliver a high quality, aesthetic and functional product at a competitive price.
Each gate, each element of a fence, is made for a specific order, for a particular customer. Neither the manufacturer nor the sellers are anonymous; the customer knows who he/she can ask for information and help, who is responsible for guarantees and who quickly and in concert with all the rules assembles the ordered products. WIŚNIOWSKI is proud that it can manufacture the highest quality products, reflecting the current state of engineering knowledge, not only in Poland but also in Europe. It is the pride of the owner of the company and the designers, who are satisfied that they can work for a top company. There are no tricks hidden in small print, forcing the customer to do something. The recipient knows what they can expect from the product, they know its possibilities and limitations.

The credo of the company is brief and clear: quality is the most important. The sales of goods is an agreement between customer and manufacturer, a contract which is binding.

Sub suppliers

The manufacturer’s ethics include the ability to choose reliable suppliers and subcontractors. A careful selection of counterparties is necessary because every occurrence of unreliability may have an effect on the user’s satisfaction derived from the company’s products. The manufacturer is always responsible before the customers; therefore, the rule of selecting only proven and reliable supply sources applies. And again: the key to success is partnership and integrity. Amounts due for deliveries are always paid on time and in accordance with the agreement.

Distributors – Partners

The vast majority of customers buy our products from the local business partners of WIŚNIOWSKI. Our distributors represent the manufacturer, recognize the recipients’ needs, provide and assemble ready-made products and then take care of them by performing periodic checkups and maintenance works. To a large extent it is thanks to our partners that the customers purchasing WIŚNIOWSKI gates, doors and fences can be sure of their high quality.
Each trade partner is also an entrepreneur, and has their own priorities and needs. He/she operates in a local market, on a smaller scale but he/she is always treated like a partner, and the basis for building good relations with trade partners is always playing fair. Partners make the effort to meet the standards set by the manufacturer but, on the other hand, the manufacturer does not leave them to themselves. WIŚNIOWSKI does not use its market advantage in its contacts with smaller recipients; it equips partner companies with the necessary knowledge, makes use of their opinions in matters relating to construction solutions, and listens to the remarks concerning the customers’ needs. the employees of business partners are welcome to take advantage of material support from the product managers, engineers and fitters of WIŚNIOWSKI.

WIŚNIOWSKI does not use its market advantage in its contacts with smaller recipients; it equips partner companies with the necessary knowledge, makes use of their opinions in matters relating to construction solutions, and listens to their remarks on the customers’ needs.

Krzysztof Zdanowski
Advisor to the CEO at WIŚNIOWSKI


Every entrepreneur runs their business in order to generate a reasonable income. Everyone operates in a certain environment and has an impact on it. In a sector producing material goods there is a real temptations to make “savings” by applying dangerous, “dirty” technological processes. We consciously eliminate that risk. As a company which belongs to its local environment, we take care of the living conditions of the area’s residents and the tourist attractions of the region.
“This is why the technological processes applied in the company are waste and carbon neutral, while waste management is conducted in accordance with the strict requirements of the national and European Union standards. Although this is connected with substantial costs, we decided to cover them,” says Krzysztof Zdanowski, Advisor to the CEO at WIŚNIOWSKI.

Corporate Citizenship

Any enterprise employing thousands of people has a large impact on the life of a region where work is not easy to be had. It is also a source of great satisfaction as well as being a responsibility. If the number of employees is multiplied by the number of their family members, if one takes into consideration that many of them are the only breadwinners for their family, one feels the burden of responsibility. And then there are the thousands of business partners… “The owner and the Management Board are perfectly aware of the need for corporate citizenship,” confirmed Krzysztof Zdanowski. This is also the core of our involvement in charity campaigns and helping the local community, but mostly it characterizes our attitude towards our employees.

The employees

“From the historical perspective, WIŚNIOWSKI is a family business. The scale of its operation has changed but the many principles characteristic of this type of enterprises, in which everyone knows each other and people treat each other with respect, being aware of the unity of interests and that they are all responsible for success, have remained,” explains Krzsztof Zdanowski.
The company offers fair terms and conditions of employment: stable employment contracts and the privileges connected with them. The remuneration is always paid on time so that the employees do not have to choose between the company and their families. Maternity was never perceived as a threat and women are always certain that they can return to work.
The company takes care of social conditions, the employees may use the company’s canteen which, apart from the tasty and healthy meals, employs a dozen or so people.
In the context of family roots, the fact that the company cares so much for the conditions of work, such as: safeguarding machines, PPE, training, work place equipment, social welfare and being a reliable employer, becomes obvious.
The care for the safety of employees was confirmed by the international OHSAS certificate.
WIŚNIOWSKI, after 25 years of its existence, is a large employer, but many people, including the owner, remember the humble beginnings. Being aware of the path which we’ve managed to walk during that time gives great satisfaction but, at the same time, it teaches humility and shows what, or rather who, determines the success of an enterprise. “The company wouldn’t be what it is today, if it weren’t for the values which people brought into it. Knowledge, experience, physical effort, but also values cherished at home allow the enterprise to grow,” says Krzysztof Zdanowski.

The company’s success is no coincidence. Its founder, Andrzej Wiśniowski, taught his team that a good construction is great and a good organizational solution is also great because it serves a good cause.

Business ethics

The relationship between employee and employer is a commitment for both parties. The owner and the Management Board of the company are responsible for ethical business and employment, while the employees are also obliged to work
hard and cooperate with their superiors and colleagues. Personal integrity is a question of morals. It’s worth working on it, it’s worth talking about it, especially because there are so many negative examples shown, mostly on the TV news.
At WIŚNIOWSKI a balance between the engagement of the employer
and the employees is maintained. The results of a survey conducted among the directors, who have quite precisely identified the strong points of the enterprise but also were able to see what still needs to be improved, can attest to that. What is interesting is that they mostly encompass human relations and attitudes, so assuming that the interested parties are aware of their imperfections, they can be easily eliminated.
“Business ethics, similarly to everyday life ethics, is based on constant, well-known and universal principles. The need to observe them can be proven by complex philosophical discussions, but in our culture zone the Decalogue is not being questioned. The rules are generally accepted but their interpretations are open to discussion. For some people omitting an OSHE rule is a reason for considering the limits of freedom while others understand it as breaking the 5th commandment. Or 10 minutes of gossiping and talking behind people’s back – is that not breaching three commandments at the same time? There is always room for improvement. We are perfectly aware of that,” explains Krzysztof Zdanowski explains.

It seems so little, it’s only a reference to natural law, but the 25 year history of the company’s development fits perfectly the conclusions drawn by renowned analytics saying that an organization/community without a moral backbone has no chance to survive.


Text: Piotr Kołaczek