The WIŚNIOWSKI brand is a perfect example of how to reasonably manage the capital to give a real competitive advantage. The WIŚNIOWSKI brand is highly appreciated by the customers. However, all that began 25 years ago.

If we went back 25 years in time, then surely we could witness the birth of many companies starting out in gate production. Most of them are long gone, and what is more, nobody remembers them. WIŚNIOWSKI not only continues, but it mostly develops itself, expands into new markets, is a laureate of numerous awards, widens its range of products… What was the main reason that a small business from the Nowy Sącz area became a potentate while other enterprises starting from the same level disappeared?

The brand is the most important!

This can be explained by a number of reasons. Constant care of the highest quality, prudent investments, reasonable implementation of innovations, expanding into new markets and the ability to manage are, of course, important reasons. However, in this article we would like to focus on a different one. Namely, WIŚNIOWSKI, for 25 years has consistently been building its brand. For modern marketing, brand is sanctity. According to one of the most popular definitions, developed by the American Marketing Association, a brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” The key word, in this definition, is distinct. For many years “to make yourself distinct or perish!” rule has been one of the most important commandments of modern-day marketing. The differences, upon which the identity of the brand lies, are both rational (quality, functionality, looks), as well as emotional, connected with emotions in a more abstract sense. Only harmony of the rational and irrational qualities allows to build a true and valuable brand. WIŚNIOWSKI consistently builds its brand on those both pillars.

Rebranding – all goes new

The current logo has been used since September 2012. Its change was one element of a precisely planned and vigorously conducted rebranding campaign. As the name suggest, rebranding means creating the brand anew, at least to some extent. The new logo is not only an embodiment of deep, fundamental change involving the repositioning of the brand in the minds of customers. “All actions that we undertake are in line with the market and are planned in such a way as to build a set identity for the brand. They have to be coherent and emphasise its qualities,” Katarzyna Świderska, Director of the Marketing Department of WIŚNIOWSKI, explains. The change in the logo is directly and obviously connected with the change of appearance of other elements which encompass the so-called corporate identity of the brand. These include, for instance, the colours, lettering, appearance of the press, outdoor (billboards) or Internet adverts, as well as, the look and interior design of retail outlets. All these elements must be in harmony, creating a coherent and logical message.

Rebranding means creating the brand anew, at least to some extent. The new logo is not only an embodiment of deep, fundamental change that repositions the brand in the minds of the customers.


Values inscribed in the logo

“One of the basic elements of the brand is the logo. Nowadays, its shape, colour, background and claim not only to distinguish it from others but it also (and maybe even more importantly) communicates to the customers particular qualities of the brand. The logo and claim: “Crowning of your investment” make the customers perceive the WIŚNIOWSKI brand and its signature products as reliable, trustworthy, with proven usefulness and of sophisticated elegance. The fence and gate mark a territory, prove separateness and independence, they are associated with security. Crowning of your investment with WIŚNIOWSKI is inseparably associated with success: completion of an investment, the beginning of a new stage in life with a new, usually better and more modern home. The claim of our brand is the promise of the benefits which are connected with the purchase of our products,” says Katarzyna Świderska.

Be visible – a rebranding campaign

No rebranding campaign anywhere in the world can be successful without an advertising campaign. The customers need to know the brand anew, learn its values and associate the new logo with the products. The advertising campaign promoting the rebranding of WIŚNIOWSKI can be presented as an example of efficiency, proper planning and appropriate usage of the specifics of various media according to the students of marketing. The TV adverts, putting an emphasis on the quality and elegance of residential gates and garage doors, as well as to the convenience of service, were well-received. Outdoor advertisements were not omitted, and in sixty cities all over Poland as many as 700 spaces to advertise the gates and doors produced by WIŚNIOWSKI were acquired. Moreover, due to the effective actions under Google, the WIŚNIOWSKI brand and its products are visible to millions of Internet users in the context of various queries. Moreover, the launch of the new website also needs to be mentioned The new website is a model example of how a modern, corporate www service should look like. There is also a corporate channel on YouTube, featuring videos presenting the hidden stages of door and gate production, TV adverts and coverage of events in which the company has participated.

We have been present in the market since 1989, and in that time we have constantly improved our products both in reference to quality and production techniques. In moving with the times we have decided to change our logo. All activities connected with rebranding are a natural process resulting from our care about the brand, its market position, how it is perceived by recipients and the need to meet their expectations. We are building a more modern, innovative and dynamic image, adequate to the high quality products we manufacture. We are expanding both in terms of domestic and foreign markets. Our recognizable logo and our products are ready to help facilitate taking this plunge.

Andrzej Wiśniowski
founder and owner of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand


Modern marketing is the art of telling stories, a narrative about the brand, its products, company and the values which create it. What is the story behind the WIŚNIOWSKI brand? This story began with the owner’s dream about functional and remote controlled doors. Today we make hundreds of thousands product each year on a production floor measuring over 80,000 m2. The ingrained idea behind WIŚNIOWSKI is the fact that it is intertwined with the history of the man who wanted us to open our gates with the use of a remote control back in the times when TV remote controls were scarce. “The story of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand was not created during a brainstorming session in the Marketing Department, nor was it written by an advertising agency,” says Katarzyna Świderska. “Behind our brand there is a man with a particular last name, passionate about creating modern, convenient gate solutions.”

The story behind the company and the WIŚNIOWSKI brand still continues. After 25 years you can boldly say that it still accelerates. Each next chapter is even more fascinating…


Text:  Michał Durbas