On 2-6 November 2015, WIŚNIOWSKI showcased its product range and won new trading partners at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Park. Over 2500 exhibitors and nearly 350,000 visitors is how figures describe the latest edition of the BATIMAT Fair.

The WIŚNIOWSKI exhibition stand introduced visitors to products designed for residential and industrial markets. The brand products have been recognised by industry specialists and visitors alike who were impressed by the unique technological solutions and the attractive design from WIŚNIOWSKI.

The Home Inclusive collection, one of the latest solutions created by the WIŚNIOWSKI brand, is a splendid example of consistent outdoor design. The collection, comprising a garage door, front door and fence, follows a single distinct style and has enjoyed a marked interest at the trade show. Home Inclusive is an arrangement of three high quality products that share the same design concept: the PRIME garage door, the CREO door, and the MODERN fence system.
The visitors also had the opportunity to see the UniPro NANO80 garage door range, a perfect solution for all refurbished buildings with low headrooms, which prevent installing typical automatic garage doors.

Designand functionality

DSC_9366 (Large)Our goal is constant development; hence, we made sure to make our introduction to the French market. France is a specific type of market with its typical needs. We have been trying to adapt to those requirements by creating products on the highest level of industrial design and functionality. The large interest in our range and the many people visiting our stand assure us that French customers are looking for such solutions. We have heard many good words and had a lot of valuable feedback. It is a good lesson for the future which will allow us to constantly improve our products.

Paweł Cymorek
Sales Director Western Europe

Other products shown by WIŚNIOWSKI included a line-up of aluminium and steel doors, designed to maximise the utilitarian benefits of the materials.
There was a special feature designed specifically for the French market: a door with a Forster profile, pivot hinges and magnetic latches, and the MB70 aluminium door with magnetic latches and safe closing, an excellent solution for schools, playschools and similar facilities.
The exhibition stand demonstrated the ultra-fast V-KING industrial folding leaf gate, the MODERN series of fence solutions, and the Janisol Arte window system.
The WIŚNIOWSKI products stood out with their advanced engineering, high-class design and excellent workmanship.
The event was truly inspiring for all participants who took the opportunity to catch up with the latest trends and find motivation for further growth. As always, the trade show was also a great opportunity to win new customers and to work even harder.