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METRO when 2+2 is more than 4


The brand philosophy says that every product can and should be continually improved. This is what specialists do: they offer technical solutions that change the market. Soon, the WIŚNIOWSKI range will be expanded with one of these solutions, a combination of the experience and strengths of two brands: WIŚNIOWSKI powered by Somfy, automatic garage doors with the METRO drive unit.

Reliability depends on the right choice


The quality and convenience of living depends on a number of factors. The less effort our daily tasks require, the more time and energy we spare. Automation provides us with a great degree of convenience.

High calibre performance


Quality, reliability and flexibility are the pillars of every business. They define the expectations towards a business and the expectations of the business towards its partners and contractors. The feature which defines effective action at each stage of cooperation is conformity.

Your home at your command


Do you tend to forget your door keys, while your garage door remote is often misplaced somewhere? That is no longer a problem in the modern world of smart home automation. Innovative home security and access control tools are exactly what WIŚNIOWSKI provides.

MultiBox Multifunctionality


A fence post. What is so special about it? Time to discover MultiBox, the latest solution for fence systems that is unique in its category.

High expectations are no trouble


Better thermal insulation performance, extended safety and protection, improved functionality, and exceptional aesthetics: these are the common features of the new products that will appear in the WIŚNIOWSKI brand range. These products are designed for collective housing units, building renovation, and special security facilities.

WIŚNIOWSKI automatic garage doors – a proof of safety?


We are creatures of comfort. The desire to experience comfort usually determines us to become equipped with more and more novel devices and solutions for better living. This trend is translated into all aspects of life, especially our homes and their environment. A door controlled with a key fob, a smartphone even, seems to be the standard solution for a prospective garage user. We are users too, and we want to make our equipment safer.

WIŚNIOWSKI in a TV ad campaign


Awareness of customer needs, attention to detail, and novel approach to manufacturing – these are the main themes of the new TV ad campaign launched by WIŚNIOWSKI and already in broadcast. The campaign is to introduce the company to potential customers, while reinforcing the brand awareness and the company's market position.

Sądeckie is our future


Who are the inhabitants of the Sądeckie region, and how did their character affect their trade of choice? What challenges will WIŚNIOWSKI face? Is Andrzej Wiśniowski planning to move the company abroad? Or rather expand the business where it is now? Krystyna Baran, President of the Management Board of WIŚNIOWSKI, answers these questions.

Sails set on Rożnowskie Lake

Regional news|

Once bustling with activity, and then somewhat forgotten, the place has been returning to grace with the efforts of the enthusiasts of the region. Rożnowskie Lake awaits all lovers of active rest and water sports, including yachtsmen. The infrastructure has been continuously developing in the area and will not fail the expectations of even the most seasoned amateurs and professionals.