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WIŚNIOWSKI 2017 Calendar


A story of a subtle relationship between a man and a woman captured in 12 unique photographs. Places close to the WIŚNIOWSKI brand and its products designed in keeping with the latest trends make up their setting. The essence of sensuality hidden behind refined elegance. This mysterious tale opens up unlimited narrative possibilities for the [...]

Forget your lift tickets, now this is adrenaline!

Regional news|

Enjoy staying in lines much? Sitting comfortably while being transported to the top of the hill in a warm gondola lift? If you do, stop reading here. Ski touring is not for you. This discipline demands iron constitution, fitness, considerable skills, and a dash of crazy. All of this just to enjoy the mountains a [...]

10 hands – 10 moments


“10 hands – 10 moments” was a dinner where 10 moments were created by 10 hands of outstanding chefs. It was an extraordinary dinner at an extraordinary place that touched all the senses thanks to the flavours served by five chefs. During the event, guests experienced flavours they have never tried before. They embarked on [...]

Our man at UEFA Euro 2016 – 27 million views!


An interview with Łukasz Wiśniowski, sports journalist for the “Łączy nas piłka” football portal. Łukasz Wiśniowski – the only representative of Nowy Sącz at UEFA Euro 2016. Can I introduce you this way? From Ubiad, to be precise. When people ask you where you are from, my friends from Ubiad and Wielogłowy say they are [...]

Nawałka – Between fear and admiration


In 2015, he was selected one of the best dressed Poles by the “Playboy” monthly. In 2016, the team lead by him gave millions of Poles unforgettable emotions by advancing to the quarter-final of the UEFA European Championship. A workaholic who needs just 3 hours' sleep? A perfectionist precise like a computer program? A master [...]

Healthy work – effective work


An Extended DISC study shows that Polish employees are in the group of the most stressed employees in the world. What causes stress at work and what are its effects? These are important issues we should be aware of, because stress related to professional issues affects not only the effectiveness of our work, but also [...]

Networking – A network of business contacts forms the basis of a thriving small enterprise


Woody Allen once said: 80 percent of success is showing up. These words were related to the film industry, but they can be applied to any other industry. Effective networking by showing up in places where relationships can be established is a good way to become known. Let us find out then what networking really [...]

Brand presence in the social network


When Mark Zuckerberg began creating a platform for Harvard students keep in touch in 2004, nobody could expect that he has started a new era of experiencing brands.  Never before have brands been so close to the customer. Never before have they had such an opportunity to become a part of their customers' lives. Why [...]

Joint responsibility is the key to safety


Safety at work is a fundamental part of each business. Each entrepreneur providing employment has an obligation to create safe working conditions. The minimum requirements are specified by the law and any negligence causing a health or life hazard or an accident risk is severely punished. For many entrepreneurs, health and safety considerations are confined [...]

Together we make dreams come true


Nearly 600 metres of fence with entry gates and wickets, 6 entrance and technical doors, and, most importantly, hundreds of happy children. This is the most important summary of the first edition of our campaign called “Make the Dream about Security Come True” or “Spełnij Marzenie o Bezpieczeństwie” in Polish. Together with its sales partners [...]