For a long time leading companies across the world have seen the real advantages of the strict correlation of their social involvement with their strategic goals. The same is true for WIŚNIOWSKI, who for many years has been supporting the local labour market not only by being the largest employer in the region, investing in the development of vocational education, but also by engaging in actions aimed at making the youth aware of how important it is to choose a proper career.

These actions are mostly initiated and organized by the “Practitioner” Basic Vocational School, operating since 2009 in Wielogłowy. This unit, set up by Stanisław Mróz, a professional working in education for many years, and Tadeusz Wiśniowski – the Member of the Management Board and Technical Director at WIŚNIOWSKI, aims at educating the professionals who will support not only WIŚNIOWSKI but also other entrepreneurs in the region operating in the production sector. The initiators of setting up the “Practitioner” Basic Vocational School, representing two separate fields – education and business – have joined forces in order to rebuild the position and importance of vocational schools in the region and enable a large number of young people to acquire an education which will guarantee them a job. “The presence of WIŚNIOWSKI in Sądecka Land is visible, among other things, via the investments made in vocational education. After 1989 in Poland many various higher education units were set up. It made access to education easier for young people but, on the other hand, it led to producing unemployed people with MA titles. It was a huge mistake to stop investing in real vocational schools. There is a vocational school operating next to the company. Thus, we have our own breeding ground for experts. Most of all, these young people not only learn the theory but they also have a possibility to undertake traineeships in such professions as: metalworker, welder, electrician or electro mechanic. We have our own fleet of vehicles, so we also train vehicle mechanics,” said Andrzej Wiśniowski in the interview for “WIŚNIOWSKI News” (winter 2013/2014 no. 2). Creating a unit which, apart from strictly educational activities, also conducts coaching and informative classes on professional careers for the youth, and is an opportunity for WIŚNIOWSKI to be involved in solving the problems of the local community. The company, via this initiative, implements in practice the claim of pursuing sustainable development in the region, where business and social issues are equally important. The aim of the undertaking, which is the “Practitioner” Basic Vocational School, was firstly to help in solving the most urgent problems of the local labour market, that is to decrease the unemployment rate and adjust the employees’ qualifications to the real needs of employers. Due to the combination of business and teaching there is a conducive atmosphere in the region – the enterprises can develop benefiting both the economy and the society. Establishing the “Practitioner” Basic Vocational School is both advantageous for WIŚNIOWSKI and for the entire local economy. On the one hand, it allows this organization to improve the staff’s qualifications and in consequence, to minimise the risk of losses and to maximise the chance for the company’s success in the long run. On the other, however, it enables the local youth by providing them with the best possible start to their professional career by offering them vocational training. The owner and the Management Board of WIŚNIOWSKI and the “Practitioner” Basic Vocational School both believe that the people create the company, so there is no better investment than that in the vocational training of a young person.

Text: Beata Pałac