Special moments require a unique framework. And 25 years of WIŚNIOWSKI’s operation is surely a unique moment. In June 2015 WIŚNIOWSKI began celebrating its anniversary. Commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the company was accompanied by many events and their participants included the business partners cooperating with WIŚNIOWSKI. Take a look at our photo gallery containing pictures of selected events commemorating the 25th anniversary of WIŚNIOWSKI.

“We’re glad that for so many years you’ve been with us and that we can always count on you; that you are such successful ambassadors of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand ,” said Krystyna Baran, President, when she welcomed the guests. “Without you and your engagement today’s anniversary would surely not be as fine,” she added.
The word “brand” was a keyword during the anniversary celebrations of 25 years of the company’s existence.
“The brand, which we create together with our business partners, to which we devote our time and effort, should be very important for us,” said Katarzyna Świderska, the Marketing Director. “In countries with older traditions of free market economy, brands are built through the generations and, let’s not be afraid to admit that, there is greater awareness of their strength. A brand is also an element of significant value. Among other things, this is why we wish, taking the opportunity of our anniversary, to underline that after 25 years is a good moment to stop for a second and say to ourselves: it was our joint effort that made the WIŚNIOWSKI brand so valuable today and that it is recognizable not only in Poland but also in Europe.”
The company invited its guests to visit the plant and to see up close all the technological processes whose final effects are the products now sold in several dozen countries.
“Such a short education experience proved to be very important, especially for our guests from other countries. We are proud of our plant and our technological advancement. Our guests were often surprised that a Polish company uses the most advanced devices and systems in its production process, which help make us a world-class leader in our field,” said Maciej Walencow, Director of Southern European Markets.
The owner of the company, Andrzej Wiśniowski, during the 25th Anniversary Grand Gala awarded the fifty best business partners of the company with special distinctions. He invited his guests to HERON Hotel at Lake Rożnów.
“This remarkable place seems to be the perfect scenery for our unique anniversary,” Andrzej Wiśniowski said. “Some people made jokes that I’m moving into the hotel business. Far from it, the hotel at the lake is just my hobby. I’m glad that we can live in such a beautiful place where the landscape is breathtaking, and our guests often compare the region with the most picturesque corners of Europe. The only difference is that those corners are simply better advertised. We surprise the world by showing such amazing places and we surprise our guests with the fact that in 25 years we’ve managed to create a company which is not inferior in any kind to other, world-class companies. I would like people to remember this anniversary evening when I say that we can be proud of what we do and where we live,” he summed up.
There was a Bruno Nowi fashion show, with a new collection created by Anna Wiśniowska, a young Polish designer, which added splendour to the anniversary events.

Almost one thousand people participated in the cycle of anniversary events commemorating 25 years of WIŚNIOWSKI. Business partners from Poland and abroad, as well as representatives of the construction industry took part in meetings combining education and team-building leisure.


We will remember the exceptional gala that took place at the Heron Hotel at Lake Rożnów for a long time. This evening those business partners of WIŚNIOWSKI cooperating with the company the longest received special statuettes awarded by the owner of the company, Andrzej Wiśniowski. The meeting was also an opportunity to talk back stage, reminisce and make plans for the future.

The first projects were made in a garage next to our house. We tested new possibilities dreaming that what we couldn’t achieve would one day be at our fingertips. Today we make our customers’ dreams come true. We are inspired by their needs. We give their wishes the perfect shape.

Andrzej Wiśniowski
founder and owner of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand




The 25th anniversary of WIŚNIOWSKI could not happen without telling the company’s story. This time it was painted with light and sound thanks to three-dimensional mapping. Before the guests’ eyes the facade of the Heron Hotel was turned into an interior of the factory which, using cutting-edge technologies, created the WIŚNIOWSKI brand. Such a spectacular presentation, referring to the innovative character of the company, made a real impression on the viewers.

It’s difficult to follow the competition. The thing is to outdo them every single day. This is the reason why we are the ones setting the trends.

Andrzej Wiśniowski
founder and owner of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand



WIŚNIOWSKI has once again showed, by organizing an unconventional Fashion Show event in 2013, that it values good design and the artistry of every detail. The guests of the anniversary events could once more attest to that by watching a fashion show presented by Anna Wiśniowska, a young Polish designer. What connects her BRUNO NOWI Collection with WIŚNIOWSKI? It’s passion, attention to detail and being ready to match the taste of even the most demanding customers.

The BRUNO NOWI summer-spring collection 2015 presents universal simplicity and the highest quality. Minimalistic jackets, suits and shorts in line with Scandinavian aesthetics were juxtaposed with delicate tops and airy dresses.

Anna Wiśniowska
designer and owner of the BRUNO NOWI brand




The business partners from Poland and abroad had the chance to see WIŚNIOWSKI back stage. They were given a tour around the production halls by the product managers, who told them about implemented technological innovations. Many of them have never witnessed such an amazing example of rapid and awe-inspiring development as WIŚNIOWSKI underwent in the past 5 years. Katarzyna Świderska, the Marketing Director, told them about the bold changes in the visual corporate identity.

Our products are not only high quality and modern technologies. They also mean comfort and safety. These are the concepts which have accompanied us in the design process so that life can become simpler and easier.

Andrzej Wiśniowski
founder and owner of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand