“10 hands – 10 moments” was a dinner where 10 moments were created by 10 hands of outstanding chefs. It was an extraordinary dinner at an extraordinary place that touched all the senses thanks to the flavours served by five chefs. During the event, guests experienced flavours they have never tried before. They embarked on a culinary journey…

The “10 hands – 10 moments” dinner is a new project by the Heron Live Hotel located in Sienna, Lesser Poland, near Gródek nad Dunajcem. Its aim is to provide guests with unforgettable culinary sensations during two extraordinary dinners… The “10 hands – 10 moments” dinners served at the Heron Live Hotel will be very special culinary events.

A unique place

Located in the picturesque little village of Sienna in Lesser Poland, the five star Heron Live Hotel is a unique combination of elements, drawing its energy directly from the surrounding nature – the proximity of mountains, the calmness of forests, and the element of water. Guests of the Heron Live Hotel experience the joy of life with all their senses.

A unique philosophy

Heron is the only Live Hotel in the world created in order to make each stay a feast for all the senses and to fill its guests with the joy of experiencing nature. During your stay at the Heron Live Hotel, you will experience something real, genuine and totally worthwhile. You will take a dive into the surrounding reality with all your senses.

A unique dinner

The exceptional “10 hands – 10 moments” dinner event brought our guests closer to the LIVE philosophy. The dinner was a combination of the genuine nature surrounding the Heron Live Hotel, genuine flavours prepared in front of the guests by five chefs, and genuine live music during the dinner.

The two exceptional dinners were held on 11 and 12 November in the Hotel’s Banquet Room with a view of the Rożnów Lake and the surrounding nature. During the evening, our guests had the opportunity to enjoy both the flavours of the dishes and the remarkable wines from WinKolekcja. The event was hosted by a professional master of ceremonies and a sommelier, who shared the secrets of the world of dish and wine flavours. Before the guests finally tasted the exquisite dishes, they could admire the skills of the chefs working on their preparation live – watch them conjure up flavours that later delighted their taste buds. The event was supported by some of the best culinary companies: Tom Gast, Rational, and Chefs Culinar. This unique evening was livened up by live music. Right after the dinner, our guests participated in the premiere of the latest model of Maserati Quattroporte. Later, they exchanged their impressions during an after party at the Hangar Music Club.

Unique chefs

Five outstanding chefs who use their talents in the best restaurants all over Poland on a daily basis, two evenings – two dinners, innovative original dishes, remarkable flavours. Each dinner included 10 savouring moments that introduced the guests to 2 original moments prepared by each chef.

heron-pracownicy-6KRZYSZTOF MAŁOCHA

Chef – Heron Live Hotel

Creative, cheerful, with a strong personality. The traits of his character show in the dishes he creates. As he says himself, in the kitchen, it is all about flavour. He has an extraordinary ability of anticipating what the guests would like to try. He perfects his dishes in the slightest detail.


Chef – Intraligatornia Smaków Restaurant

He was nominated for the Culinary Oscars many times. Founder of the first Culinary Institute in Poland. He participated in the “Exquisite Polish Cuisine” project held under the patronage of our former First Lady Anna Komorowska. He also organizes interesting culinary events, seeks out and promotes young culinary talents.

Chef-Tomasz-Dziura-foto-35TOMASZ DZIURA

Chef – Galaxy Hotel

The spirit of a modern take on Polish dishes and interesting versions of Italian classics are an inherent part of his cuisine. While taking care to maintain the genuine Polish character, he also follows global trends. He simply applies those trends to our regional products. He often uses ice cream, pierogi, and bread, all of which he makes himself.

przemyslawbilskiPRZEMYSŁAW BILSKI

Chef – Pod Nosem Restaurant

His culinary adventure began with a trip to the British Isles, where he worked in restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. He worked his way up all the steps of the career ladder, because this is the only way – as he says – you can become a complete chef. His speciality is traditional Polish cuisine with a touch of modernity.


Chef – Copernicus Hotel

Marcin had the opportunity to prepare lavish dinners for world-famous celebrities. Being one of the 12 best chefs, he participated in the “Exquisite Polish Cuisine” project held under the patronage of the former First Lady Anna Komorowska. He specializes in Mediterranean and modern Polish cuisine.

By: Jolanta Gawryś